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NYC-Inspired Big Apple Sun Cream - M Review 90

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NYC-Inspired Big Apple Sun Cream - M Review 90

IPKN Big Apple Sun Cream thumbnail - M Review 90

It’s summer here in the Big Apple (NYC)! The weather has been getting hot and the sun is radiating down on the big city. “Someone grab me some sunscreen” The one I will be reviewing today is the IPKN Big Apple Sun Cream. For those of you who are unfamiliar with IPKN, it’s a cosmetics brand that pioneered the K-Beauty wave into America. It takes inspiration from New York City and offers products, designed to be “city-proof”.

[IPKN] Big Apple Suncream 

IPKN Big Apple Sun Cream product - M Review 90

I’ve gotten to try out this suncream for a couple weeks now. I’ve consistently preached the importance of wearing sunscreen to get your daily dose of sun protection from harmful UV damage. This sun cream offers a SPF of 50+ like a lot of Korean sunscreens I've tried. This sun cream in particular is infused with apple fruit extract. Apples are naturally enriched with vitamins such as vitamin C and acids. As I mentioned in my previous blog, vitamin C and sunscreens are an amazing duo to maximize sun protection for the summer, so it to have them both in one product is amazing. Apple fruit also has natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to make skin smoother and reveal brighter skin. 

Some herbal ingredients that are included in this sunscreen are lavender flower, rosemary, lemon fruit, grapeseed, peppermint, orange fruit, and basil leaf extracts. These are work together to soothe the skin and reveal a healthier, brighter skin complexion.

IPKN Big Apple Sun Cream texture - M Review 90

Because of the apple fruit extract, there is a slight apple smell from the sunscreen - nothing overpowering or strong. There is also a slight green tinge to the cream which makes it a nice color-correcting primer to correct and brighten redness in the skin. 

IPKN Big Apple Sun Cream swatch - M Review 90

The sun cream’s texture isn’t necessarily watery nor is it super thick. It glides on smoothly and sticks onto the skin without any sticky, greasy, or heavy feeling. You’re pretty much left with a smooth matte finish. From what I can tell, there is a bit of a white-cast due to the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients in the sun cream. This doesn’t bother me too much as I’d rather have optimal broad spectrum sun protection rather than worry about a minor white cast. I find that I can wear this on its own without any makeup as it helps even out redness in my complexion.

IPKN Big Apple Sun Cream after - M Review 90

Overall, I give the IPKN Big Apple Suncream a solid 4/5 ! I would recommend this sun cream to relatively oilier skin types like myself but I think skin type can get good use out of it. I also enjoyed the smooth, matte finish and color correcting effect it has as well.

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