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What Is Wonyoungism & Why Has It Taken TikTok By Storm?

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"Wonyoungism", also known as "The Wonyoung Effect" or "Wonyoung Motivation" is a lifestyle aesthetic that has taken the K-pop fandom and TikTok by storm, taken inspiration from Jang Wonyoung, a member of a Korean girl group IVE. It seamlessly blends the soft, girlish charm of the 'coquette' aesthetic with empowering self-improvement ideals.

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The ideology behind this rising trend aims to empower individuals to "glow-up" and become the best version of themselves, prioritizing self-care through wholesome routines like skincare, fitness, and nutritious eating habits.

Jang Wonyoung has earned the reputation as the epitome of the clean IT girl aesthetic due to her perfect skin, fit physique, and her unwavering commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Her dedication to nurturing positive habitshealthy hobbies, and embracing a positive outlook on life further solidifies her status as an icon of wellness and beauty.

Image via @for_everyoung10

Here's a breakdown of the key elements of the Wonyoungism aesthetic to aid you in your personal glow-up!

A Simple & Consistent Skin Routine

Create a daily skincare regimen that is easy to maintain and dedicated to pampering and nurturing your skin! With Jang Wonyoung as a global brand ambassador  for Innisfree, a reputable brand recognized for its effective and natural skincare remedies, achieving flawless clear skin has never been easier!

Starting off you need a clean base to work with! The Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam is a highly moisturizing cleansing foam enriched with minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants from organically grown green tea leaves to cleanse and brighten the skin while balancing the skin's natural pH!

For the oily skin girlies, we recommend the Innisfree Volcanic BHA Pore Cleansing Foam for a deep cleansing experience that effectively clears excess sebum and impurities from the pores!

Once weekly, after cleansing, treat yourself to the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask for a thorough deep cleanse and to exfoliate away dead skin cells!

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Staying hydrated is crucial! Ensuring your skin remains moisturized consistently can enhance elasticity, regulate oil production, and aid in healing skin issues stemming from a weak, damaged skin barrier.

Prep your skin with the Innisfree Green Tea Hyaluronic Toner to replenish your dehydrated skin! If you want, you can even layer the Green Tea Mist for that added moisture and dewy glow!

Finally seal your skin routine with the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Emulsion for a lightweight, refreshing layer of hydration in the day time or the Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Cream for that soothing and nourishing care at night

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Sun protection is an important habit to maintain if you want flawless skin like Wonyoung's! The Intensive Long-Lasting Sunscreen EX SPF50+ / PA++++ is a refreshing weightless sunscreen that creates a strong defense barrier against harmful UV rays all day long! This sunscreen in particular has a soft, easy-to-absorb waterproof and sweat resistant formula that makes applying sunscreen a easy and effortless habit to maintain everyday!

Fitness Focus

Wonyoung gained widespread attention for her remarkable flexibility showcased on the Korean variety show, Omniscient Point of View, offering viewers a glimpse into her everyday life, including her Pilates sessions.

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Her impressive flexibility is a testament to her dedication and effort. During her time on Produce 48, she struggled with even basic sitting stretches. Now, as one of the most flexible members of IVE, she showcases the remarkable progress she's made through hard work.

Image via KOKOWA TV 

Incorporating daily exercise, even taking simple walks are essential in maintaining the Wonyoungism lifestyle. Engaging in physical activity can enhance both your physical and mental well-being, leaving you energized and ready to take on the day ahead.

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Playful Elegance

In Wonyoungism, self-management and maintaining a put together appearance is essential! Wonyoung herself consistently exudes an aura of perfection, serving as a shining example of the ideology. From her hair to her makeup, outfit, and expression, she consistently upholds a flawless appearance.

Image via @for_everyoung10

For a fresh and matte complexion throughout the day, it's essential to carry an oil-controlling powder or pact in your purse! The Innisfree No Sebum AC Powder or No Sebum Mineral Pact are great options to keep your skin soft while controlling excess oil. The transparent and weightless powder blurs your pores, leaving a smooth and silky base for picture ready skin at all times!

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Positive Mind & Continuous Growth

Cultivating a positive and bright mindset can truly transform your perspective on life and the people around you! Continuously seek opportunities for self-improvement, taking gradual steps toward growth.

Whether it's picking up a new skill or hobby, or dedicating extra time to practice and refine existing abilities, each effort contributes to your personal development journey. The essence of the Wonyoungism lifestyle is the pursuit of becoming the ultimate vision of yourself that you aspire to be in the future! 

Image via @for_everyoung10