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JAYJUN Blooming Rose Emulsion - M Review 110

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What are your simple pleasures? Anything pink and cats for me, yep!

I can also never have too much rose anything in my life! This beautiful JAYJUN Blooming Rose Water Emulsion  is such an eye candy and has been working nicely in keeping my skin moisturized and happy. Love the scent and light texture as well as hygienic pump applicator the most!


Jayjun Blooming Rose Emulsion product - M Review 110

Enriched with rose water, meadowfoam seed oil, and hyaluronic acid, this lightweight moisturizer helps nourish, soothe, and revitalize the skin. It smells pretty strongly of natural roses which I love, but I think people with sensitive noses might find it a bit much. It's a very light and refreshing product that sinks in quickly on my combo skin, getting rid of any dryness and leaving it nice and plump, without any heaviness or stickiness which I love. 

 Jayjun Blooming Rose Emulsion texture - M Review 110

As far as other benefits, I usually reach for other, more specialized products to help with redness and/or acne which are my main concerns, so I honestly have just used this one for aromatherapy and the nice moisture boost it provides.

 Jayjun Blooming Rose Emulsion absorbed - M Review 110

But like I said, I love that it comes in a pump because I sometimes hate to dip my fingers in a tub. And last but not least, can we appreciate the gorgeous packaging?! It has an ombre white to soft pink color with rose gold cap and details. Sold! I swear cute packaging will be the death of me.

Jayjun Blooming Rose Emulsion heart - M Review 110

Do you love pink/cats/roses too? If you do then you're my next BFF lol.

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