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Korean Blood Type Personality Traits

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“What’s your blood type?” Much like asking for a person’s horoscope here in America, in Korea, you might be asked for your blood type instead. Both of these questions are a fun way to get a general idea of a person’s personality. In Korean culture, each blood type is associated with specific personality traits and should be taken with a grain of salt. 


Blood Type: A 

Korean Blood Types A

Conservative, timid, and often more introverted than other blood types, people with type A blood are often sensitive and find difficulty expressing emotions or trusting others. They may also take things personally and easily feel hurt. However, they can also be considerate to others, patient and are often punctual. 

Type As are also perfectionists who make sure to finish each task meticulously and putting the extra time to make sure it’s done right. They are hardworking, trustworthy, and responsible which people tend to value and trust. However, being a perfectionist, they may also get caught up in small details and unnecessary things. You can say that they may be prone to having a bit of OCD. 

It is said that they are least likely to hold their liquor and said to be the healthiest when following a vegetarian diet. 

Best Traits: Hardworking, patient, considerate, loyal, creative

Worst Traits: Secretive, closed off, self-conscious, obsessive, sensitive 

Blood Type: B 

Korean Blood Types B

You’re cool, independent, follow your own rules and don’t care about what anyone thinks of you. People with type B blood love to enjoy life to the fullest and are passionate about what fuels them. They are always curious which may also make them impulsive without knowing. However, they are also considered shallow, selfish, and lazy towards people and things they are not passionate about. 

Blood type B individuals are social butterflies, honest, and caring at heart - they make friends easily and love being the center of attention. People with this blood type value having freedom and are not afraid to speak up against anything that bothers them, which can often lead to having a lot more enemies than other blood types.  

In Korean culture, men with this blood type are often categorized as the “bad boy” or “playboy”. Type Bs are also believed to have strong immune systems. 

Best Traits: Individualistic, passionate, optimistic, social, honest

Worst Traits: Impatient, irresponsible, self-centered, prideful, moody 

Blood Type: AB 

Korean Blood Types AB

You’re either a psycho or a genius - those with type AB blood are often unpredictable but have a “can-do” attitude with a high level of intelligence and a variety of interests. People with this blood type seem like their in their own world and are unique and quirky. Similarly, they can be shy and aloof, often preferring to be alone - this may lead others to think they are two-faced and cold. You are a mysterious alien that not everyone can understand. 

They demonstrate self-control and are rational despite being unpredictable. With their “can-do” attitude, people with this blood type are meticulous and practical and only like doing this that benefit their personal needs. They stay clear of complexities that get in their way and avoid drama in their lives - a social hermit. 

Best Traits: Rational, intelligent, positive, introverted, unique 

Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive, unforgiving, unpredictable 

Blood Type: O 

Korean Blood Types O

People with type O blood are natural born leaders and well-rounded individuals. They are outgoing and optimistic and are not afraid to say what’s on their mind. They can carry a conversation with confidence but they much rather speak with actions than words. Blood type Os are ambitious individuals that work to succeed in what they do.  

Being outspoken and honest might also come off as being opinatined and condescending to others. People might perceive blood type Bs as being dramatic and arrogant. They are over competitive and hate losing thus making it hard to reach a compromise or the first to apologize. 

It is recommended that people with this blood type follow a high protein diet and daily exercise routine.

Best Traits: Well-rounded, ambitious, self-confident, energetic, friendly

Worst Traits: Stubborn, arrogant, overly competitive, insensitive, vain 

Do these personality traits match your blood type? Remember, these are generalizations and more-or-less stereotypes. These are meant for fun and shouldn’t be taken wholeheartedly.

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