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Red ginseng has been a Korean specialty for more than 500 hundreds years. Especially during Koryo and Chosun Dynasty, Korean red ginseng was a very popular item; it was traded with very high price. Nowadays, most of the Korean red ginseng products are made by Korean Ginseng Corporation, sold under the trade name Cheng Kwan Jang. (If you know about red ginseng, you probably already heard about this name.)

Donginbi is a luxury skincare brand from KGC and they use 6 year old Cheng Kwan Jang red ginseng red ginseng extract and oil in most of their products. With ongoing discussion with KGC,  now can proudly curate Donginbi's precious products as an authorized seller.

 donginbi cho

1.     Deep Moisturizing Line (동인비초)

Deep moisturizing line is a basic, fundamental product line of Donginbi. All of the products in this line contain precious red ginseng oil; they deeply moisturize your skin. Deep moisturizing line is adequate for normal to combination skin type and it strengthens your skin's own healing power.  

 donginbi dam

2.      Aqua Line (동인비담)

Donginbi Aqua is a refreshing moisturizing line for the people with dry & sensitive skin. Concentrated red ginseng steam condensate deeply moisturize your skin and red ginseng ceramide help you to regenerate your skin barrier.


3.     Brightening Line (동인비설)

Red Ginseng Brightening complex brighten up your skin complexity from the deepest layer of your skin.  Red ginseng vitality extract improve your skin complexity and red ginseng polysaccharide makes your skin radiantly glow.

 donginbi jin

4.     Power Repair Line (동인비진)

Power Repair Line is a premium wrinkle care / skin firming line. Red Ginseng concentrate capsule actively deliver beneficial ingredient your skin and red ginseng saponin make your skin noticeably firmer. 


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