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Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Beliefs About Acne

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Hey, Hey, I'm your Suzi. You know, I know, everyone knows pimples and acnes are the last things that we want to have for our baby cute skin. So, I brought some common misbelieves on acne.


I mean, we know pimples get worse because of the excessive sebum on our skin and when they block our pores, it can easily become acne. When I was 15 something, I had them on my cheeks and forehead as well.

acne1. If you pop the pimples, then it becomes a mole?

Well, according to the experts, it is not true. I mean it is almost impossible to squeeze pimple properly, so it may leave pigmentations. DO NOT EVER USE YOUR HANDS to pop the pimples. Use extractor if you really really want to do it, but come on. Go to estheticians or doctors if you can.

wash2. Do you really have to wash your face all the time?

Many people think you get acne because you don't wash your face frequently. However, if you do that too many times, you can irritate your skin and maybe your skin can get over dry. Do the proper facial wash one in the morning, and once before you go to sleep.

coldwater3. Refresh your skin with cold water?

To get rid of sebum effectively, we should use lukewarm water. Cold water can make sebum more solid (rather than watery) so IT CAN WORSEN YOUR PIMPLE Ah, let's talk about the simple facial cleansing method. First, use lukewarm water, softly but thoroughly. And use your favorite foam cleansing, makes bubles and wash your face with circular motion. (I know it is really refreshing to touch your matt face after you wash your face twice, but it is not good. YOU DO NEED A BIT OF SEBUM to protect your skin). After that, lightly tap your skin and makes your skin moisturized but not too long. 


4. Make-up is really bad for your skin?

Well, it is not completely wrong. Foundation or powder may block the pore and impurities or sebum can irritate your skin and makes pimple. But can we go out without make-up? (Well… HXXX know!!!!) I mean we have many non-comedogenic make up products in the market. So if you properly wash your face before you go to sleep, IT DOES NOT REALLY MATTER!!!!!!


5. Sunscreen can worsen your pimples?

When I was a teenager, I thought it did. I mean, sunscreens are sticky and oily right? But it is wrong belief. EVERYONE, SUNSCREEN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKINCARE PRODUCT ALL TIME. I mean sorry for all of these capital only but they are really really important. Sunscreen can prevent pigmentation when your acne heals. So if you don't wear sunscreen because you do not like your texture, you will have pigmentations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DO DUM) So If you really don't like to wear sunscreen, apply it where you have freckles or spots at least.  

Today we talked about acne a lot. I mean there are wide range of common misconception about it. So, if you have any good tips or question, please share it with us below. 

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