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K-Beauty Brands Your Favorite Idols are Endorsing in 2023

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The reach of K-Pop fandom goes far and wide and the world of skincare and cosmetics is no exception. K-Beauty brands know the way to their consumers' hearts and it's to make quality skincare/cosmetics and getting your favorite K-pop idols to tell you all about them! Whether you’re a boy group stan, a girl group stan or you’re an overall k-pop stan in general, it’s more than likely that some of your fave idol groups and idol group members are the face of a k-beauty brand that’s currently hot on the market!

At MASKSHEETS we curate the best of the best in k-beauty and a majority of the brands that we carry have a k-pop idol/group as a brand ambassador. Is your ult group/idol on the list?


As a brand, ABIB has been gaining much attention for their skincare that’s formulated for people with sensitive, acne prone skin. Their Heartleaf line of skincare as well as their Gummy Sheet Masks have been raved about by consumers and influencers alike! Just one year after their debut, ENHYPEN, the rookie group from HYBE (BE:LIFT) was announced as the global brand ambassador for ABIB. With ENHYPEN being a new group that’s gaining fast popularity among the younger generation, choosing them as the face of a brand that’s perfect for young adults seems to be just the right fit! Check out some of the members of ENHYPEN modeling some of our faves from ABIB!

ENHYPEN Heeseung with ABIB Gummy Sheet Mask Milk Sticker

ENHYPEN Jake with ABIB Gummy Sheet Mask Heartleaf Sticker


Most people that know Korean skincare know about Sulwhasoo. Sulwhasoo is a luxury Korean skincare brand that formulates its products with Korean herbal ingredients to nourish skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a brand, Sulwhasoo has had its fair share of big named brand ambassadors (Song Hye Kyo being one of the more recent ones) but back in September 2022, the luxury brand announced BLACKPINK’s Rose as its newest face for its’ Rebloom Campaign. At the center of the campaign and its announcement of Rose as its newest global ambassador is one of Sulwhasoo’s most popular products, the First Care Activating Serum. The First Care Activating Serum boasts its’ JAUM Balancing Complex™ which leaves the skin glowing and looking healthier and more nourished.

BLACKPINK Rose with SULWHASOO First Care Activating Serum

BLACKPINK Rose posing with Sulwhasoo The First Care Activating Serum


Blackpink’s Jennie has been HERA’s brand ambassador since 2019 and continued to be so after the brand's debut in the US in 2021! HERA boasts itself as a Seoul-based K-beauty brand that strives to find one's natural beauty and having self-confidence and self-love. HERA is very much well-known for their makeup like their Black Foundation and Black Concealer Dot Cover but they also carry a variety of skincare products like their newest sun cream the UV Protector Multi-Defense SPF

BLACKPINK Jennie with HERA Black Foundation

BLACKPINK Jennie posing with Black Foundation


Nature Republic as a brand has been known to tap into SM’s roster of top idol groups and continued to do so when announcing NCT 127 as their newest ambassador back in 2020. NCT 127 follows in the footsteps of their sunbaes, EXO, and continues to be Nature Republic’s brand ambassador in 2023! Nature Republic is definitely one of the most accessible K-beauty brands internationally and is one of the first K-beauty brands to make a name for itself in the worldwide market, making way for the rise of K-Beauty as we know it today. They carry everything from makeup to skincare to body products and even hair care products. Nature Republic is definitely a favorite of ours and we continue to restock on one of their best-selling products - the Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel!

NCT 127 Yuta with NATURE REPUBLIC Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Gel

NCT 127 Yuta posing with Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture 99% Aloe Gel


Much like Nature Republic, as a brand INNISFREE was one of the first K-Beauty brands to find a name for themselves in the Western beauty industry, even landing themselves in well-known retailers in the US. Innisfree has also had their own fair share of big name Korean celebrities to represent their band and their most recent ambassador is none other than Wonyoung from IVE! She follows in the footsteps of another well-known idol (and actress!) SNSD’s Yoona! Wonyoung can be seen in a variety of photos showcasing her fresh face beauty next to some of Innisfree's signature products such as their Green Tea Seed Serum.

Innisfree boasts affordable, effective skincare to achieve and maintain that youthful glow and we think IVE’s Wonyoung is definitely the perfect fit to showcase that! And just recently, along with Wonyoung, INNISFREE announced Seventeen's Mingyu as their newest global ambassador and we are super excited to see them showcase some of the best of the best from the brand! 

IVE Wonyoung with INNISFREE The Green Tea Seed Serum

IVE Wonyoung posing with Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum


K-Beauty OGs know Banila Co and most likely have had their top-rated Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm in their skin routine at one point or another or maybe even still do! It did win 1st Place in Glowpick's Best Cleansing Balm of 2022 for a reason! When K-beauty skincare routines started going viral online, one of the first products constantly recommended was the Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm - the key to double cleansing - it instantly became a fan-favorite. Even with the brands’ popularity, they knew that tapping just the right ambassador would solidify it in the minds of their consumers. In 2021, Banila Co announced Seventeen’s Jeonghan as their ‘face’ and he can be seen promoting everything from their famed cleansing balms to their cushions. Seventeen’s Jeonghan continues to be the ambassador for Banila Co in 2023 and has no problems with showcasing their products to the public whether it be through promotion photos and videos to spritzing his face with their mist at the airport on his way to an event!

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan with BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Purifying

Seventeen Jeonghan posing with Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Purifying



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