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1. How to use mask sheets?

Step 1


Cleanse your face then use a toner to refine skin texture.

Step 1


Slowly unfold, and carefully separate the mask sheet from the plastic template (mask sheets are delicate - you don't want to tear it!).

Step 3


Place the mask onto your face. Try to position the mask sheet so that your eyes, nose, and mouth are aligned with the proper openings, and smooth onto face.

Leave on, and relax for about 20 minutes. (*Check instructions for each mask sheet for more details. Depending on product, time may vary.)

Step 4


Gently remove, and pat remaining essence into face and neck until fully absorbed.

Enjoy how amazing your skin feels


2. How to Choose the Mask Sheet for You?

There are SOOOOO many different kinds of mask sheets out there. We think it's wonderful because we can guarantee that we'll have a mask that will suit your skin type/concern(s). Depending on your skin type and/or the condition of your skin that day, you can choose the perfect fit and take care of your skin with a mask sheet!
Let us help you navigate your way through the different kinds of mask sheets to find the ones that target your specific skin issues:

Uneven, Rough
& Dull Skin

Don't let late nights and high stress steal your skin's healthy glow. These types of masks effectively enhance your skin tone and make your appearance brighter. Shop Now


Oily, Acne, Pore
& Sebum Control Skin

These types of masks are for all those who are looking to calm acne breakouts, eliminate blackheads and provide your skin with sebum control effects for oily skin. These masks also provide adequate moisture to your skin. Shop Now


Dry Skin with Wrinkles
& Damaged Skin

These masks provide your skin with the necessary nutrition to combat the effects of aging, like wrinkles, to give your skin a younger and healthier look. Shop Now

Anti Aging
Anti Aging

Dry, Sensitive
& Tired Skin

These types of masks are known as soothing masks and are designed to ideally reduce skin irritation. Shop Now


All Skin Types

All these different kinds of mask sheets may be overwhelming at first. We can recommend that you start off with Hydrating Mask Sheets if this is your case because just by adding a ton of moisture to your skin, you get multiple benefits from it. Shop Now

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