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Cheong Kwan Jang Pure 100 Korean Red Ginseng Root Powder

Unlock a new level of vitality with Pure 100 Korean Red Ginseng Root Powder. With a potent 1500mg dose, experience the incredible benefits of this herbal powerhouse, including mental clarity and mood support. Boost your mental and physical well-being with just one stick a day.

1.5g x 28 Sticks



Take food for fuel to another level: Embark on a fast and convenient solution for an extra dose of nutrients and antioxidants to supercharge your immune system. By incorporating Korean red ginseng in powder form at least once a day, you can enjoy fast absorption and unlock the ultimate advantage for your health.

Calling all health enthusiast! Elevate your meals and enjoy a delightful boost of healthiness incorporated in home cooked meals, beverages, or water. It's important to note that this product has a subtle hint of invigorating ginseng flavor, adding an extra touch of earthy goodness.

Safe and simple ingredients: Contains no high fructose syrup, no artificial flavor, non GMO, and vegan friendly.

How To Use

Take it straight

Add it to a cup of hot or iced water to enjoy as a tea. A couple of teaspoons of honey makes it even better.

Add it to your favorite foods and watch your recipes transform into delicious, healthier creations


Korean Red Ginseng Powde

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Pure 100 Korean Red Ginseng Root Powder
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