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100% Organic Cotton Mask - “Healing Therapy” Mask that Immediately Energizes Your Skin

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100% Organic Cotton Mask

LLang organic cotton masks are safe on skin with 100% organic cotton sheet certified by Control Union Certifications, an organic product certification organization.

Organic sheet, made using eco-friendly technology without using whitening agent, safely delivers effective ingredients to your skin to leave a soft finish.

Those two types of mask sheets help your skin bloom to its natural beauty by waking up the skin’s natural energy.

Organic Cotton Blossom Mask: Tea Tree

Tea tree extract has been used as a medicine for a long time because of its exceptional anti-inflammation effect; it quickly calms irritated skin.

Organic Cotton Blossom Mask: Blossom

5 kinds of berry complex (blue berry, acai berry, strawberry, black berry, elderberry) focuses on treating dull, dark skin making skin brighter and healthy

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