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Achieving a Youthful Look with Aegyo-sal

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Jungkook Aegyo-sal

South Korea is known for its high emphasis on appearance and always innovates new ways to look more beautiful, but have you heard of aegyo-sal?

What is Aegyo-sal?

Aegyo-sal is the roll of skin right beneath your eyes that frame the lower eye lids. This small detail to the eye is widely envied by Koreans as it makes one look younger and innocent. Sometimes called “eye smiles”, aegyo-sal makes the eye appear bigger because of the pop it gives the eye. Not to be mistaken with eye bags you get from lack of sleep, aegyo-sal is the bump right below the lower eye lids. While eye bags appear dark, saggy, and usually extends about two inches down the eyes, aegyo-sal is more of a puffy bag.

Adults do not naturally have aegyo-sal unless they smile, that’s why there are methods to achieve the look. Let’s explore the different ways to achieve the look both surgically and through make-up!

What Are the Options to Achieving this Look?

The less painful way to get aegyo-sal is by drawing it in with contour. Start by smiling so you can see the shape of it, then using the contour, you want to create a soft brown shadow under the puff. Now you want to use a highlighter and highlight directly where the skin puffs to draw contrast to the contour. To finish the look, blend out both makeup products so it looks natural!

For people who prefer longer-lasting, semi-permanent aegyo-sal, there are fillers and fat grafts. Both methods are injections using a needle while fat grafting is the transfer of your own skin to a different area of the body.

Before and After Transformation Photos

Here are a few examples where aegyo-sal makes a huge difference in a Korean celebrities appearance:

Korean Celebrity Eyes

Korean Actor Aegyo-sal

Can you guess who these celebrities are? If you guessed Shin Se-Kyung and Kang Dong-Won, you are correct!

Final Thoughts

After seeing all these before and after photos, I'm convinced to try the look myself! Aegyo-sal makes a person look more bright and happy, and I can definitely use those traits.

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