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Blooming into Better Skin-Dewytree Ginseng Blooming Face Mask - M Review 57

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Blooming into Better Skin-Dewytree Ginseng Blooming Face Mask : M Review 57



If you’re like me there was one product that shoved you over the edge into skincare, one thing that made your face glow and shine and made you feel confident. For me, that product was sheet masks.

Of course, I didn’t know anything about that first mask. I didn’t know the snail mucin was a holy grail ingredient or why, I just knew that after 45 minutes, I removed a slimy mask to magically clear complexion and skin I’d thought only existed after using photoshop. What I know now, is that sheet masks may not be magic, but they might just work like it if you choose the correct one.

When going through products in the store, it’s easy for cute or pretty packaging to distract my attention, but focusing on mask ingredients and looking towards some trusted brands is usually the easiest step towards glowing skin. Recently, I tried Dewytree’s Blooming sheet mask to see if it could work some sheet mask magic on my irritated skin.

Because my skin tone is always uneven and a bit irritated, sheet masks that aim to nourish my skin always work best. This is why of the three different masks Dewytree has to offer from their blooming line, I chose to try the Ginseng nourishing mask.

Dewytree’s Ginseng Blooming Face Mask is not only pretty to look at but filled with calming floral extracts that help dull the redness my skin takes on from undernourished skin. 


The ingredients list is not just filled with ginseng (an anti-aging super ingredient), but clary, hyacinth, chamomile, borage, and cornflower extract. All these floral ingredients mean that this mask doesn’t just sooth skin but keeps it hydrated and helps with skin discoloration.

The material is important as well. Dewytree’s masks are made with botanic tencel material. This fancy term just means that instead of cotton each sheet is made out of natural and biodegradable plant material. Why does this matter? Not only is more eco-friendly but botanic masks are more absorbent and hold serums in better than the average cotton mask.


At the end of the day, the proof is in the pictures. You can see redness and irritation on the skin around my nose, uneven complection and signs of dehydrated skin by the fine lines around my features. After using the mask for 50 minutes (the time it took for my skin to almost completely absorb the serum) you can see that my skin is visibly brighter, my complexion looks more even and the redness is almost completely soothed. 


 Sheet masks are a great way to target problem areas on the skin, but they can be tricky if they’re filled with ingredients that irritate the skin just as much as nourish them. Dewytree’s masks are great because they’re free of irritants, use soft and flexible biotanic material, and are filled with rockstar ingredients at a super manageable price. Next time you’re looking to treat yourself and your skin, try Dewytree’s Blooming sheet masks and let me know if the results are great for you too!


Rosa DiSantis of The Beauty Witches




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