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Top Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, Clean K-Beauty Brands You Should Know!

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In honor of Earth Day last weekend, here are some of the top eco-friendly, cruelty-free K-Beauty brands that you should try out to celebrate clean beauty and our love for our planet!

What is Clean Beauty?

With sustainability becoming a rising topic, the term "Clean Beauty" has been popping up frequently in our beauty industry. So what exactly is clean beauty and what does it mean? In simple terms, "Clean beauty" means that a product is made with consumers and the environment in mind, with safe, non-toxic, and transparent ingredients that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly! 

You may ask, what's exactly is the difference between clean beauty products versus natural beauty products? Although they carry similar values, the main key difference is that clean beauty products are mindful of the environment and our health, with the assurance that the ingredients used in a product are non toxic while natural beauty focuses more on the source of the ingredients itself. Products labeled as "natural" may still include toxic chemicals among the natural ingredients. 

Incorporating clean beauty products into your routine not only reduces our impact on the environment, but can also do wonders for your skin! Clean beauty products can significantly lessen the chances of you getting a skin irritation, the risk of exposing yourself to potentially carcinogenic ingredients and hormone disruptors that can harm your health in the future!

Here are some of our favorite clean K-Beauty brands!


Sioris follows the philosophy "Simple and Original", creating vegan skincare products that are safe, fresh, and honest, using only the gentlest of ingredients in their formulas harvested in peak season for optimal freshness and effectiveness. They ensure their ingredients are harvested sustainably as well involving themselves in eco-friendly activities to invest in environmental issues. They even ensure to develop eco-friendly packaging for their products!

Image via Sioris Official Instagram 


Crafted like a magical potion, MA:NYO’s special blend of botanical and organic ingredients helps your skin achieve its original youthful glow, infusing nature’s best to make your skin journey a magical experience for you everyday! 

Image via Ma:nyo Official Instagram 


This cult-favorite brand creates simple and effective products that use safe active ingredients to target your various skin needs. They incorporate ingredients that are dermatologically-tested and backed by science such as hyaluronic acid combined with natural ingredients such as Centella Asiatica and propolis to provide you with easy to use and effortlessly glowing skin!

Image via Cosrx Official Instagram 


Klairs is a 100% vegan brand and is a long time key player in the skincare world, especially for those with delicate and sensitive skin. Their products are simple and made with mild ingredients to repair your skin barrier and overall skin health. Their products are also free from harmful chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances or coloring. 

Image via Klairs Official Instagram 

Aside from these four, other notable and popular "Clean Beauty" brands that are globally adored include I'm From, Isntree, and Make P:REM! Clean beauty is not only a better choice for your skin, it's also a better lifestyle choice that is better for the environment too! Enjoy maximized results with clean ingredients and achieve clear skin, guilt-free! 

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