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Hwahae: A K-Beauty Encyclopedia for Skincare Lovers

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Skincare Review App

New to skincare and not sure which products to buy? Want to know if the ingredients in your products are clean and safe? Hwahae is the app to all your questions about beauty products from A to Z.

Hwahae (화해) launched in 2013 and is available on the iOS and Android app store. With detailed analysis on ingredients, thousands of honest reviews, and award rankings. Hwahae is your encyclopedia to skincare. For beginners, Hwahae makes building a skincare routine simple with easy access to honest reviews and rankings based on customers’ reviews. The platform offers in-depth information on effectiveness and safety of ingredients. You no longer have to purchase products and find out they are not suitable for your skin.

The only downside is that the app is only available in Korean, so here is a guide on how to navigate the app. Before you can explore the app, you’ll have to register with one of the following methods:

  • 네이버- Naver
  • 페이스북- Facebook
  • 구글- Google
  • 이메일- Email

Hwahae App

You will then be asked to provide your gender, how you heard about the app, and your date of birth.

Skin Type

For a more personalized user experience, fill out your skin type and skin concerns if any:

피부타입- skin type

건성- dry skin type

중성- neutral skin type

지성- oily skin type

복합성- combination skin type

피부고민- skin concern

해당없음- no skin concerns

아토피- atopic dermatitis

여드름- acne-prone

민감성- sensitive skin

After clicking 화해 시작하기, you will enter the homepage where you’ll see categories and products. The app will show you products and information based on your skin type and skin concern.

Beauty Products Ranking

On the homepage, you will see 4 icons, from left to right, they are:

  • 랭킹- Ranking
  • 화해쇼핑- Hwahae Shopping
  • 카테고리검색- Category Search
  • 성분으로검색- Ingredient Search

Clicking on the crown icon (ranking) will bring up this screen where you will see different category rankings. The default is “전체” which means overall. You can narrow down your search by selecting a product type:

  • 스킨케어- skincare
  • 클렌징- cleansing
  • 마스크/팩- mask/pack
  • 선케어- suncare
  • 베이스- base
  • 아이- eye
  • 립- lip
  • 헤어- hair
  • 향수- fragrance

The category ranking is inarguably the most useful feature of the app. All the information you need is packed here and made easily understandable with products ranked 1st to 99th. 

For more detailed information on any of the products, simply tap the image for the product information. This information includes the rating (평점), product size (정가), ingredients’ safety, and the skin type it is suitable for. Additionally, there is a button to compare up to 3 products (비교함 담기). Using this feature of the app can help you make better purchasing decisions based on the price, keywords, and skin type. 

Comparing Skincare Products

The ranking is updated every Thursday and fully based on honest reviews left by users of the products. Some of the top ranked products also found on include:

#1 in Cleansing Category- Bioderma Sensibio H20

Bioderma Micellar Water

#2 in Cleansing Category- Beplain Greentea Cleansing Foam

Green Tea Cleanser

#3 in Suncare Category- Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun Plus SPF 50+/PA++++

Mild SPF Sunscreen


#1 in Base Category- toocoolforschool Art Class by Rodin Shading Classic

Face Contouring

#1 in Body Category- Illiyoon Ceramide Ato 6.0 Top to Toe Wash

All-in-one Wash

A more recent function of the app is Hwahae Shopping, where you can purchase skincare sets exclusive to the app. There are great discounts and huge sales, but this option is only available to residents of South Korea.

Selecting the Category Search will allow you to view all products that may not be listed on the ranking’s list. 

Skincare Products

The last feature of the app we will explore is the Ingredient Search. The first option (포함할 성분) is the ingredient(s) you want to look for in the product. Below that (제외할 성분) is the ingredient(s) you want excluded from the product. This tool is useful for people with greater knowledge of skincare and are familiar with specific ingredients. If for example I am looking for a product with Centella but without Squalane, I’d put Centella Asiatica Extract on the blank space above, and Squalane on the blank space below.

Skincare Ingredient

There is no other app like Hwahae for your skincare updates. Hear about the latest product launches and simplify your search for the next best toner. If you are lazy, simply try the products that rank #1 in its category!


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