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Jayjun Honey Dew Green - M Review 81

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Jayjun Honey Dew Green - M Review 81 

Jayjun Honeydew Green Mask thumbnail - M Review 81

If you know me, you know I stan Jayjun. I never tried the Honey Dew Green Mask before. The ingredient niacinamide is high up on the list so I’m expecting some good brightening. It also contains manuka honey and propolis as well as some “green stuff” like green tea, kiwi, avocado and spinach. Even the sheet material is green...and so soft.I can smell some alcohol in it, but it is not that bad. I mostly smell honey and fruit.

Jayjun Honeydew Green Mask mask on - M Review 81

The serum has a nice slip to it and the mask itself is very juicy. The mask is also very roomy, almost fits my whole face (good if you have a wide man face lol) I left this mask on for 10 minutes before heading to the gym (yeah I’m that extra) to see how this mask works.

Jayjun Honeydew Green Mask after - M Review 81

After taking it off, it was very glossy, not sticky, super smooooth! There was a thin film left behind but that doesn’t bother me too much. Overall, my complexion is definitely looking brighter.

Jayjun Honeydew Green Mask end - M Review 81

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