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LLang Super Repair Cream-Gel Mask - Review M15

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Hi M-Friends~ I’m EJ, and I’m a barista at BESFREN Café. I was introduced to the LLang Super Repair Cream-Gel Masks from Tina, and I decided to give these specific masks a try. There are 3 different kinds – the Pig Collagen, Gold, and the Pearl.

Masks2_M15LLang Super Repair

I specifically chose the Pig Collagen, and I committed myself to using this cream-gel mask consecutively 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks (considering the skin’s 4 week turnover term which I found out about through

First of all, I like that this mask is a 2-piece for the upper part of your face and the lower part of your face. Also, different from other gel-type masks, this one is a bit thinner and a CREAM-gel mask that has a cream layering on top of the already smooth gel texture. You can keep this mask on for about 30 minutes which is a bit longer than you might be used to. However, personally, my face felt extremely nourished every time I used this mask. I work in a café surrounded by machines all day – the espresso machine, the ice machine, refrigerators, the oven, etc - so my skin gets pretty dry and stressed out at the end of my day.


As a result of using this particular mask for about a month, I’d have to say that I’ve definitely seen results. I was told and I agree that my makeup looked more natural my face just looked brighter and youthful which I’m always striving for at my age now hehe I want to try the Gold and Pearl too. Try one of these yourselves if you like Hydro Gel Masks!

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