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Makeup Product Trend Report 2017

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0.2017 beauty trend title thumbnail carries only limited number of makeup products. Unlike sheet masks or skincare products, makeup products have very wide range of colors. If you are lucky, your makeup products go well with your skin-tone or lip color even without trying them before you buy, but sometimes online makeup shopping turns out to be an epic failure. Furthermore, the Korean cosmetic in general, does not have many gradients especially for the face makeup products like BB, CC and foundation. Although more and more companies make 19, 21 pink, 21 yellow, 23, tanned and darker gradients, most of Korean face makeup products are made with only 2 gradients – 21 and 23. I wish more companies makes various face makeup products that can satisfy more Korean beauty fans.

Since I haven’t written many postings on makeup products so far, this posting will be solely on makeup products, mostly new products that just arrived in Korean market. We probably won’t be able to buy them without paying crazy amount of shipping cost but I know you love to see new products. I didn’t want to dig too extreme, so I picked up some interesting products from road-shop brands that we do not carry in So it will be just a fun reading!

1. Etude HouseAny Cushion Cream Filter & Precious Mineral Essence BB balm

1_1.Any Cushion Cream Filter

In fall 2016, Etude House introduced Any Cushion Cream Filter (a.k.a Morning Light Cushion.) It is a cushion type BB / foundation, but it’s slightly different from the conventional cushion. So, it has mashed layer and liquid is somewhat squeezed out through the tension mash filter. It gives very natural glow on your skin and doesn’t feel too heavy on skin. There are mixed reviews because it does not provide very good blemish coverage. I think it is a good BB cushion if you have a good skin or if it is used with a concealer.

1_2.Precious Mineral Essence BB balm


In late 2016, they introduced Precious Mineral Essence BB balm. It is a melting balm type BB pact, similar to Age 20’s Essence Cover Pact. It contains strobe particles and moisturizing essence in the balm, so it makes your skin texture very glow and moisturized. Unlike its earlier counterpart, it provides decent coverage without layering a thick layer. There are some feedbacks that dust can easily stock on the skin when you use this, but it is inevitable when you use melting balm type products because it makes your skin very moisturized and sticky at the same time.

2. InnisfreeMineral Fit Sticks

2.innisfree stick highlighter2.innisfree stick blusher2.innisfree stick blusher concealer2.innisfree stick shading

In F/W 2016 in Korea, I think the ultimate winner of the makeup market was Etude House. They introduced concept of multi-functional sticks (Play 101 series) by recruiting Korean girl group I.O.I and makeup guru Jung Saemmul as models. After Play 101’s popularity, Innisfree also introduced multi- functional (more precisely, series of stick type products) sticks as well, although both Etude House and Innisfree are in the umbrella of Korean Cosmetic Giant – Amore Pacific. There are many products as I explained above – shading stick, highlighting stick and blusher stick just like Play 101 series. It has somewhat more natural color than Etude House, but it lacks variety as well. It has amazing skin affinity, blended very nicely into BB cream or foundation. So if you liked Play 101, this is a definitely worth try.

3. Missha: Geumsul Tension Pact & Ital Prism Glam

3.missha geumseul tension pact

This Missha’s Geumsul is a truly new product. It came out on January 10, 2017. This is also very similar to Etude House’s Any Cushion Cream Filter, same tension type cushion. I haven’t personally tried this yet, but Geumsul pact is formulated with 36% of fermented Ginseng water and moisturizing essence, so some of my friends in Korea told me this is very moisturizing and has excellent coverage in general. Some said this one doesn’t maintain on the skin very long and some said it does, so I have not enough reference on this pact. (I will try this soon, so I will let you know if I did.) I generally like Missha’s color with slightly pinkish pigments, so if you have cool tone skin, this will be a good cover pact.

3.missha ital-prism glam

The Modern Shadow Ital-Prism is a new eye shadow, with beautifully designed package. It has almost cream like texture and stay on your skin very well. It is slightly more expensive than most of road shop brand’s eye shadow, but the quality is also superb.

4 .Skinfood Lips

4_1.skinfood fruits roll stick

In 2016 F/W, multi color lip sticks gain sudden popularity. Laneige, IOPE, Skinfood and many other brands introduced multi-color lip products. Skinfood’s Vita Color Fruits Roll Stick made with different core color and periphery color. So it is designed to give natural gradient lips

4_2.skinfood lips_fresh fruit lip & chic trio

The all time favorite Fresh Fruit Lip & Chic Trios were introduced with renewal as well. I am pretty sure many of you already heard about this, since it is a skinfood’s steady seller for past few years. It has very soft and creamy texture, and can be used as lip color and blusher.

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