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Quenching Summer Thirst : Mediheal Ade Sheet Masks - M Review 32

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Hello M-Friends! How are you all doing with the weather getting warmer? Enjoying it? Or too hot...

Today, I've picked these specific sheet masks because they look like sheet masks suitable for the weather these days. I've been so much more thirstier these days cause of the warmer temperatures and have been constantly wanting something to quench my thirst. We, who care about our skin's health, aren't only concerned about keeping our bodies hydrated but we want to keep our skin hydrated all year long too. These Mediheal Ade Sheet Masks just might quench the needs of our skin for this summer :P


We have the Mediheal Acaiberry Ade Sheet Mask, the Lemon Lime, the Kiwi Apple, and the Pumpkin. Each one of them meet different skin conditions. And what's better? These Mediheal Ade Sheet Masks are made with Tencel. Tencel is an eco-friendly synthetic fiber obtained from eucalyptus pulp that has extremely soft texture and high air-permeability. It's around the time of this month that I start breaking out a little bit and when my skin gets a bit rough so I decided to try out the Kiwi Apple Ade Sheet Mask.


These Mediheal Sheet Masks all show the specific targets of the masks on the back. For the Kiwi Apple Ade Mask that I chose to use, the targets were: Pore Care and Clearing.


This sheet mask actually smells like an Kiwi Apple Ade - not too strong but a light pleasant scent. Maybe because of Tencel material, this sheet mask adheres to your face really well. I could have definitely worn this mask for longer because the mask hadn't gone dry yet after 20 minutes but I used this mask in the morning as I was getting ready for work so I was on a schedule. I did realize that a lot of the essence in the mask had traveled to the bottom of the mask. I felt a lot of the essence on my chin and neck area. I would suggest that you guys use this mask lying down to reap the most benefits.


When I removed the mask, there was a lot of essence left on my face to pat in but it didn't feel sticky.. iIt absorbed rather well and left my face feeling pretty moisturized. After removing, I squeezed the mask to find there was still quite a lot of essence left in the mask. You can definitely use this mask for more than 20 minutes.

The nice thing about Mediheal's Kiwi Apple Ade Mask is that it contains real kiwi and apple extract. The benefits that kiwi and apple extract give to the skin are rejuvenating the skin and hydrating as well as cleansing your skin. I liked using this mask in the morning because I read that apple extract for the skin helps treating puffy eyes, and kiwi and apple extract both potentially lighten dark circles, acne blemishes, and/or dark spots. Kiwi and apple extract also prevent sun damage and could help treat sunburns - suitable for the upcoming season :)

Final Thoughts


Overall, my face felt clean, soothed, and refreshed. I couldn't really tell how much of an effect it had on my pores but then they weren't much of a problem to begin with hehe. My skin felt smoother and less rough though, and this sheet mask gave me a rosy, youthful glow afterwards. There wasn't that much of essence left remaining in the package but I liked that because I used this mask in the morning like I mentioned earlier and I didn't have time to apply it everywhere else. I didn't have to feel like I was wasting anything. I also love Mediheal's decision of using Tecel for these masks! I do like the Tencel material! I thought this mask was fairly decent, and these Ade Masks are on sale on our website right now - 10 sheets for $10!! I want to try the Acaiberry Ade, the Lemon Lime Ade, and the Pumpkin Ade as well. Stay glowy till next time! :D


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