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Plump & Hydrate UP! NEOGEN CODE 9 Black Volume Cream - Review M3

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When Laneige introduced Water Sleeping Mask to the Korean cosmetic market, K-beauty bloggers responded with fervent enthusiasm. I mean, it was REALLY REALLY convenient - you don’t even have to put the sheet mask on your skin for 20 min!Σ( ° △ °|||) You may apply it like cream and go to sleep. It is the first cream-type sleeping mask among Korean cosmetic products, and the most sold one as well. (they sold over 20 million jars worldwide.)

 After Laneige, other cosmetic brands brought similar type of water-based sleeping masks, but market response was just so-so. Because all other “me-too” products were just so similar to the Laneige’s regarding texture and concept so K-beauty fans did not really have to change their routine product into new, unknown and more expensive products. But in 2012, the spotlight moved onto NEOGEN’s Code 9 Black Volume Cream. With innovative design and interesting texture ( Black! I mean the cream is black jelly!!), they have become best seller of the year 2012 in CJ home shopping channel and NEOGEN became a major cosmetic brand from no-name internet based cosmetic brand. 

So much for the history, let’s take a look at the product. 0^◇^0)/


First Impression

 One undeniable thing to say about this cream is that product design is really chic and convenient. The container can be placed in the holder, and you can put rubber spatula right next to it. It smells floral but very light and pleasant. (Not“Guerlain” like strong, powdery floral). The cream texture is more like a thick jelly •﹏•, and you would need (and also it’s recommended by the producer) rubber spatula to spread on your skin because if you use hands, it will be absorbed into your hands. (This is not an exaggeration. Check out the video and you will know what I am talking about.) I would recommend wearing thick layer if you want to use this as a sleeping mask. It will extremely hydrate your skin (You will feel like you wear the sheet mask for 2 hours on next morning) If you want to use this in the morning, just try as little as possible because it does not absorb really quick.


Ingredient Check

I couldn’t see especially harmful ingredients but I do not like about the complexity of this cream because they put too many plant extracts.~^O^~ So if you are allergic to any plants, please check out their ingredient list thoroughly (They advertise themselves that they added more than 79 extracts, but I really don’t know why.) They put commonly used moisturizing agents such as glycerin and butylene glycol. They used hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, increasing the bio-availability of this incredible moisturizer. I think this stabilized, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is the unique selling point of this cream.



After Thought

As they claimed, it is a marvelous moisturizing sleeping mask. It excellently hydrates my skin, (even in the morning%>_<%) and slightly plumps the fine lines. I could actually see the visible difference on the second day, my skin was nicely hydrated and visibly dewy. But it is a bit sticky and does not penetrate the skin so well (So it is actually a mask, not cream) so it is not really suitable for daily moisturizing cream, but it is an excellent sleeping mask.

Plumping Test on Blueberry

One Line Review


PROS: Amazing plumping mask for the night care. Apply thick layer


IDEA: Thick layer makes dewy face in the morning 

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