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Products That Make Reapplying Sunscreen Less Difficult

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Sunscreen reapplication product

By now, most of us should know the most important way to preserve healthy skin is by applying sunscreen. If there is one skincare step that should not be skipped, sunscreen is that step.  Sunscreen has proven to be a vital skincare product in preventing so many skin concerns, a few being:

  • Minimize hyperpigmentation and ark spots
  • reduce risk of skin cancer
  • slow signs of aging

Applying sunscreen in the morning seems simple but reapplying during the day isn’t as convenient. There are a couple ways I’ll share so you don’t have to wreck your make-up or get your hands sticky in the middle of the day.

Sunscreen Sticks

The first option is the only option of the three I have yet to try but is on my list of things to buy. A sunscreen stick makes sunscreen application mess-free with a dry oil formula that can be applied over makeup. Not only is it easy to apply, but it is also compact and convenient to carry around on the go. Instead of squeezing sunscreen cream on your dirty hands mid-day and putting it on your face, now you can just glide a sunscreen stick on your face and body.

Sunscreen Sticks

Sunscreen Sprays

Less travel-friendly but equally convenient to apply is a sunscreen spray. I’ve been using the Cica Sun Spray from VT Cosmetics this Summer for my neck, arms, and legs. Sunscreen spray usually comes in a bigger size bottle and leaves no stickiness or white cast. Cica Sun Spray has ingredient Centella Asiatica Extract so it is extremely refreshing and soothing when sprayed on. Some sunscreen sprays have dual functions and set makeup or provide hydration. A product with an effortless application is always favorable whether were indoors, outdoors or even traveling.

SPF Sun Spray


What if I told you some of you were already layering on SPF without knowing? For those of us who don’t know, a cushion, cushion foundation, aka cushion compact, usually has SPF in it. When you touch up your makeup mid-day, you may already be reapplying your SPF! Every cushion compact comes with a small mirror and a cushion applicator to pick up the product. We love a product that multi-tasks, provide coverage and SPF! It’s important to check the SPF and PA rating to ensure that the cushion compact contains at least SPF 30 for high protection from UVB rays.

Cushion Compact with SPF


How often you should reapply and what type of sunscreen product works best for you depends on many factors. If you wear makeup, I’d suggest switching to a cushion compact to simplify application into one step. If you prefer to carry around something small, I’d recommend the sunscreen stick. Now if you’re the type to reapply frequently all over the body, the sunscreen spray does the job. Remember to apply and reapply and your skin will thank you in 10 years.

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