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Milky&Creamy Sheet Mask – Mediheal Pearl Proatin Mask - Review M9

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Hey, I'm Joseph! (a.k.a Jawline guy in Kcon Haha..) and it's my first review on sheet mask :) 

medheal mask


I brought Mediheal's Proatin Pearl Mask. This is a milky, creamy mask unlike most of other sheet masks from Mediheal. (You know I work for a so I tried many masks from lots of brands ;-) )

 mask and me




mask on

Mediheal's did not cut off the sheet around eyes and lips, so the small pieces of sheets are dangling on the sheet mask. If you lay down, you can cover your lips and upper eyelids as well unlike most of other masks.In this photo, I cut them off to take a photo HAHA. Anyway, the serum in the mask is kinda milky & white cream. Even though it is not very sticky on your skin but it is not very refreshing either. The sheet mask is cellulose/cotton material. It feels quite soft on skin as well.




This mask made my skin very moisturized. Actually it feels like this sheet contains lots of nutrition (They said this is a protein + amino acid mask maybe that's why.) However in my opinion, this mask will be a bit too rich for the people with oily skin. If you have normal skin like me, you can use it without any problems. I think this sheet mask is better for winter, or if you have dry skin, it will moisturize your skin that is damaged and dried by ongoing air-conditioner. Haha-.



This is a rich, but non sticky cream mask. If you have dry skin, you can use it now but if you have normal or oily skin, save this for winter ! You know.... Winter is comming.... hhh

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