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Ride or Die, New York Autumn Night - Dermal Shop N.M.F Aqua Mask - M Review 38

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Hey, guys! It’s Jae.

If you have been following up with’s Newsletter, you would’ve came across our beloved Randy’s comments on Dermal Shop's 7 Days Facial Care Masks. Dermal Shop is a new brand that we have introduced into our collections of skincare. The particular product has seven different types of therapeutic masks to be used in seven consecutive days. When I last saw Randy, he raved about this product and its ingredients. Although the brand is fairly unfamiliar to me, Randy’s constant advocacy had persuaded me to review the Dermal Shop’s mask. Diving into the product with high expectation, I have crossed my fingers and hoped that this product will not disappoint.

Dermal Shop's 7 Days Facial Care Masks

It was a Sunday night. I usually tend to do masks at night. For the sake of that note with a sudden detour from the review, I want to suggest a quick beauty tip. I think pampering with supplemental cosmetics and skincare treatments before sleep would conceivably multiply the products’ effects. I’ve picked up quite a lot of information and advices along my journey into the beauty industry. As you may already know, sleep affects our skin. Lack of sleep leaves your skin dull and dry. Comparably, regular and adequate sleep livens and plumps your skin. It’s not just how tired you look but it’s all about what happens to your skin while you sleep. Generally speaking in regards to the nine-to- five individuals, your body tends to ease off and becomes lethargic as all the sleeping hormones kick in around 10 to 11. You should accept your body’s natural seduction to sleep at this time. Why? The “beauty sleep” time period as well as your body’s development progress are most stimulated from 10PM to 2AM. During these hours, and as well as throughout the night, the body repairs and recovers. What does that mean? As your body undergo prolonged rest, it releases and supply hormones to regenerate and trigger your skin to “fix” itself. It is the time when the skin can absorb products at its fullest potential.Thus, I take advantage of these factors of my sleep cycle, and apply special treatments at night. Because of all the high activities, the skin also loses a lot of water. Which also means, it would be great to aid your skin with some extra support and added moisture.

Dermal Shop's 7 Days Facial Care Masks - N.M.F

I’ve prepped my skin with toner after cleansing. My choice for the night from the 7 Days of Facial Care was N.M.F Aqua Collagen Essence Mask. Recap: My skin is acne-prone, combination, and sensitive with eczema.

Dermal Shop's 7 Days Facial Care Masks - N.M.F

First Impression.

The mask was not too thin or thick. The mask was well drenched and had about a quarter coin size of the serum left within the package. I just gathered up the excess serum and pat it on top of the mask, and around my neck. The serum was light weight and was not sticky. There was no powerful fragrance. The texture and experience of the mask was minimal with no extra effort or struggle. No particular sensation or irritants bothered my skin during the mask treatment. All of my basic expectation of a mask sheet were fulfilled.

Dermal Shop's 7 Days Facial Care Masks - N.M.F

20 minutes later…

I threw out the mask. Finished my night skincare routine with a moisturizer and facial oil to lock the serum in my skin. What did I like about it? I was genuinely surprised with the texture of the serum. Since the mask’s main function was centralized on hydration and anti-aging, I envisioned a very heavy and syrupy texture. On the contrary, the serum had the viscosity of a light summer essence. It was quick and easy to absorb. I felt the moisture penetrating deep through my pores. I never ever felt like that, or ever used such phrase in the past with any of the masks I’ve used. But definitely, the penetration of the serum from the mask was exceptional. Focus ingredients I appreciated.

-Sea Water

-Minerals that provide nutrition

-Hydrolyzed Collagen

-Increase moisture and elasticity

-Sodium Hyaluronate

-Smaller molecule of hyaluronic acid that holds and replenishes moisture

-Calcium Pantothenate

-Vitamin B5 that soothes and heals skin Morning After.

Oh my god.

This is one of those masks you realize its effect the following day. I usually wake up with a dry face, especially with the cold and erratic weather hitting New York these days. But morning after with Dermal N.M.F. Aqua mask, my skin was still very well moisturized without that tacky gooey film on top of your skin. Even after the shower and all the powder make-up, my skin still felt moisturized.

Who would I recommend it to?

Individuals with dry and combination skin would favor this product. Although people with oily skin would enjoy this mask as well, I assume it may affect their makeup on the following day. Throughout the day, I definitely saw a glow than average. But the oiliness did not feel clumpy and gooey like average sebum ― I would describe my day-after skin’s state as dewy. I LOVED THIS MASK. I would certainly recommend to everyone, and would absolutely use this again. I understand and agree with Randy’s affection and enthusiasm with the mask, 100%. I have become a huge fan of the brand, Dermal Shop. And honestly, I would have to admit that I’m probably biased for this line of masks, now. Lol. Once more. I appreciate you guys took the time to learn my experience, and I hope it gave you another insight to the product. Hopefully, I will be back shortly in the mere future.

Take care, Jae Kim

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