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Round Lab's Dokdo Line: This is What Sensitive-Skin Dreams are Made of - M Review 125

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Round Lab Dokdo Cream

Best Skincare For Sensitive Skin

This has been a weird winter season, who’s with me on that? Some days it’s so cold out you can barely keep your eyes open, but then some days feels almost like spring was around the corner. While some enjoy this kind of weather, our skin is for sure not happy about it, and it’s easy for it to react and struggle due to the unstable weather.

For that same reason, I’ve tried to incorporate products featuring ingredients that serves as barriers against all those possible environmental factors trying to mess up with its status quo. That’s how I landed on Round Lab’s Dokdo line.

Many of my friends and people I follow on social media have talked about how the Dokdo Toner changed their routines and skin texture forever. Why is it so popular and constantly sold out all around the world? I tried two of its most popular products and here’s what I was able to discover.

 Round Lab Dokdo Toner


Round Lab 1095 Dokdo Toner

The 1095 Dokdo Toner is one of those skincare items meant for more than one task - that’s why it is such a godsend. It not only keeps your skin hydrated all day long, balances out your skin’s pH, but also gently exfoliates, soothes and creates a barrier over your epidermis. Therefore it doesn't lose its balance. It is truly what a sensitive, acne-prone, and dry skin person can ever dream of.

What’s in it that makes it such a treasure? This toner is formulated with natural seawater that’s been sourced from Ulleungdo in Dokdo Island. Not only is this an extremely nourishing ingredient, but it’s also enriched with minerals that can help grow the moisture levels of your skin. It promotes a clearer and brighter complexion. But that’s not it! Other ingredients you can find in the formula are:

1) Hatching EX-07 - which helps gently exfoliate the skin for a smoother texture;
2) Ulleungdo sea water - for extra hydration;
3) Panthenol, allantoin and betaine - for soothing and protecting effects;

I personally consider this toner a great alternative for those who are looking for gentle exfoliation that doesn’t dehydrate or irritate the skin. Maybe even a good replacement or break from AHA’s and BHA’s. 74 different kinds of natural minerals in the deep seawater of Ulleungdo maintain the moisture balance of the skin, so its exfoliation feature removes the dead skin cells in the pores without irritation.


Texture of Round Lab Dokdo Cream


Round Lab Dokdo Cream

Just like the toner, the cream also features 74 kinds of natural minerals in the deep seawater of Ulleungdo, so we’re talking high hydration levels here. The formula contains three types of hyaluronic acids that supply the skin with moisture and elasticity. So your skin will not only look dewy but also feel plump and alive. Containing five different types of ceramides, this cream is meant to protect the skin from external factors and environmental threats to ensure the skin stays unbothered, calm and tight for longer.

One of the absolute best things about this cream is its texture. It comes in a lightweight balm texture that melts into your skin, transforming in a velvety protective layer. It works perfect as both a barrier and a pre-makeup primer.

However, the most important feature about this formula is that it supports natural skin cell renewal. Our skin has its own cell renewal cycle which the cells regenerate from the epidermis’ deepest layer and works its way up to the surface. As we age, cell renewal gradually slows down, causing a significant change in the epidermis structure - skin's most superficial layer. This cream gives our skin a hand so it stays strong and functional. It truly helps maintain our skin’s younger looks for longer time.

The Bottom Line: 

I’d definitely recommend both of these products - and the rest of the Dokdo line - to anyone in search of formulas that strengthen and hydrate their skin without causing irritation or compromising its balance. It’s a hard task to find a product that will actually work for you when you struggle with sensitive or reactive skin, but believe me when I tell you, Dokdo is what sensitive-skin dreams are made of.


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