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Shaving Tips For Women With Sensitive Skin - M Tips 99

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As many as 94% of women shave some area of their body. While we spend a considerable amount on purchasing products designed to deliver a smoother shave, we also spend hours every month following impractical steps that irritate our skin. 

Regardless of whether we shave extra sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line, each region poses its own set of challenges. So here are a few tips on how to shave without causing skin irritation.

1. Exfoliate 

Dead skin cells often get stuck in the razor and prevent a closer shave. Exfoliating prior to shaving helps eliminate these cells and also fluffs up and exposes smaller hairs which are easy to miss. 

2. Use Your Regular Skincare Products

Papa Recipe Eggplant Cleansing Foam

One of the most economical shaving tips for sensitive skin is to use a foaming facial cleanser, which you might already have. Not only will it work great on sensitive areas but will also prevent any skin irritation that might be caused by new and unknown products.

3. The Optimum Number of Blades

Etude House My Beauty Tool Body Razor

Regardless of how many blades a razor has, it can cut hair only twice or thrice per shave. Razors that have five or six blades don't deliver a closer shave, but actually take away upper layers of the skin! So this answers the question – how to shave without skin irritation? In summary, use a razor with four blades or less.

4. Shave in the Correct Direction

Here is one of the best shaving tips for sensitive skin – shave in a "T" shape. First downwards, straight down the middle, then sideways, and finally diagonally.

5. Between Uses, Keep Your Razor Dry

If your razor is exposed to moisture, staph-causing bacteria could collect on it. While this bacteria can cause minor skin infections, they could affect major organs like your heart and lungs if they get into your bloodstream. In addition, if your razor is in the shower at all times, rust could form on it, which won’t do any wonders for your skin either.

Of course, there are more obvious shaving tips for sensitive skin, like checking the ingredients of your products, using shorter strokes that are more effective, and being gentle and staying away from cuts and sores.

Above all, remember that the more often you follow the above shaving routine, the better at it you’ll get. As with everything else, when it comes to shaving, practice makes perfect too. 

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