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Salmon's Egg For Your Eyes - Review M4

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 salmon's egg eye patch


The eye area is probably the first place to see the sign of aging, from the under eye fine lines to the stubborn craw feet. Wrinkles appear in all sort of places, (and most of the time, unwanted) but eye area is more prone to aging than other area because they are thin and muscles around eyes move a lot compared to other muscles. The sad news is that many things that we enjoy (sunshine or wine, or even better sunshine and wine at the same time) also cause wrinkles around eyes. Let’s skip the “aging cause wrinkles’ because we all know about it. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

eye wrinkle

 So I brought something that we can try for our precious eye zone before we run to Dermatologist for Botox or Ulthera. (I will write about these treatments in other posting, I promise.) So, Let’s look at them.


eye patch

First impression

60 moisty hydrogel eye patch are placed in one jar of Botanic Farm Salmon Egg Hydrogel Eye Patch. I cannot say this product contains soaking amount of serum with the patch but most of the hydrogels contain active ingredients inside of the gel, so I don’t think it matters. It does not have any noticeable smell (Don’t worry, it does not smell fishy.), and the patch is completely opaque unlike other hydrogel products (They are generally semi-transparent right?)

They are thin & durable so it is quite comfortable to skin, and have excellent affinity to skin so you can freely move around when the patches are attached to the eye zone. But I would not say they have better skin affinity than Leaders Insolution Moisturizing Recovery Mask

put them on 

Ingredient Check

First, if you have acne type skin around your area, please be aware that this hydrogel eye mask contains carrageenan and potassium chloride. Σ( ° △ °|||) Both of them are highly rated comedogenic molecules and it can stimulate the acne breakout. But this is eye mask, so application area is limited to the eye zone, so I guess it is not really a problem. It contains known active ingredient such as adenosine and niacinamide, fortifying the wrinkle correction function and allantoin is added as anti-inflammatory moisturizer. It contains parabens, so be aware of them if they concern you. It does contain salmon egg extract just like their name, but honestly, I could not find any reliable scientific references so I would not mention anything about it.  <(`^´)>


After Thought

It is a good value eye patch definitely.╮(╯3╰)╭ I mean it surely does what it claims to do – nicely moisturizes tired and puffy eye zone, in a very short time. As I mentioned above, it adheres to your eye area very well. The reasonable price is its strength as well. Since most of the hydrogel eye patches are priced as 2 to 8 USD, 30 pairs (60 pieces) for 30 USD is pretty economical. But it contains several ingredients that potentially problematic for some people, so check out the ingredient list thoroughly, if it concerns you.  


One-line Review


PROS: Good value, moisturizing eye patch

CONS: Not for the acne, not for the paraben-phobias.

IDEAS: Eyepatch for the wine party. Drink & Treatment at the same time

Wang-Michelitsch, Jicun; Michelitsch, Thomas (2015). "Tissue fibrosis: a principal evidence for the central role of Misrepairs in aging".

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