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The latest K-Beauty Obsession: Korean 7-Skin Method

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Skincare trends come and go with the originally famous Korean 10-Step Routine to Skin Cycling, to the anti ten-step "Skin-care Diet", to now the 7-Skin Method! Imagine this, you can achieve that bouncy, glowy, smooth skin, plumped with hydration, you know the one you get after an expensive facial, but at home, and with just one product! What started from a three-skin method has now become the super viral seven-skin method! So what exactly is the seven-skin method and why are all the Korean beauty bloggers so obsessed? 

Toners vs Essences

"Skin" is what Korean people call toner. So seven-skin essentially means 7 layers of toner or essence! First off, let's break down the difference between a toner and an essence. In Korean skincare, toners are used to prep or "refresh" the skin, removing any leftover residue from your cleansers or other pollutants from throughout the day before you apply your remaining skincare steps.

Toners are lightweight layers that help to keep the skin's pH at a healthy level while allowing your skin to better absorb other products. Similarly, essences are also usually lightweight and work to soothe and hydrate the skin so that it can better absorb your serums and creams.  

How it works!

The seven-skin method works to let your skin absorb the benefits of your skincare one light layer at a time. This way, your skin actually absorbs the product before it evaporates or just sits on top of your skin without fully absorbing. This clever method helps your skin "drink up" the hydration it needs so there is a healthier skin environment for your skin cells to function and repair the skin better. 

After cleansing, pat your face dry, but not totally dry! It's best if you apply the first layer of toner on slightly damp skin rather than totally dry skin. You can apply it with a cotton pad or clean hands. Next apply a hydrating toner or essence one layer at a time for a total of six more times!

Remember to stick with toners or essences without synthetic fragrances, alcohol, or any exfoliating properties so you don't irritate your skin!

After the seventh layer depending on your skin, you can either leave it as that or use other serums, or seal everything in with a moisturizer!

Seven layers should be just enough for maximized results! Don't get too greedy and over apply because you risk sensitizing your skin by overstimulating it with products!

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