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Travel Worthy Beauty: 3-in-1 pack that you need for you next trip - M Review 49

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Travel Worthy Beauty: 3-in-1 pack that you need for your next trip - M Review 49

Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

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You're catching a plane or a bus in a few hours. Your clothes are already on your suitcase, shoes, makeup, everything is there already, but you have to pick the few skincare items that will travel with you. Oh lord, what a difficult decision to make. I don't know about you but having to actually pick the travel size skincare I'll bring with me on a trip is a stressful situation. "This moisturizer or this other one?" "How many sheet masks should I pack?", "What kind of cleanser would be better?", "Do I even have travel size versions of these?". I know, it can be a real struggle, especially because traveling itself can translate into some kind of stress for your skin so you need to be super careful and cautious about what you bring with you.


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Biggest problem? Even when we'd love to bring our full-size bottles with us - or even our full skincare cabinet just so we have options - we need to keep it simple and rely on those products that will do the work easily and fast. While it sounds like an impossible task, thank goodness some beauty companies heard our prayers and came up with the travel packs we've been dreaming about.

I had the chance to try Jayjun Anti Dust Therapy Pack a few weeks ago during a trip to Philadelphia and besides the perks of being able to pack light, I was so impressed on how nourishing all three products contained in it were.

To introduce you a little more to it, this pack is meant to prevent adhesion of fine dust to your skin by purifying and moisturizing our skin while creating a barrier against those harmful environmental factors.  It comes with 3 steps: A foam cleanser, a sheet mask, and a moisturizer.

The foam cleanser comes in a super light and soft texture that uses tiny bubbles to deeply remove air pollutant, traces of makeup, dirt and fine dust while keeping your skin hydrated. I personally love how it's actually able to remove everything, and when I say everything I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I still like to do a first cleanse with a cleansing oil before going or this one, but would maybe not even need to on a day when I'm not wearing any makeup.


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The mask (my favorite step by the way, step 2) is a super calming and soothing sheet mask that not only hydrates your skin but also decreases irritation caused by all those harmful environmental factors floating in the air and strengthens skin's barrier for a firm, clear and strong complexion. What surprised me the most about this mask is how brightening it was, even when I was not expecting for it to be - neither it's one of its claims. My skin can get really dull when traveling and this mask brought back the shine and light to my life. Also, when traveling I tend to breakout more, and this mask helps calm down some pimples and inflammation that was showing up on the second day of my trip.


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Finally, step 3 is a super intensive cream formulated with shea butter that helps soothe inflammation, irritation and creates a strong moisture barrier so skin stays hydrated all day long. While it is a little thicker than the moisturizers I'm used to, I was surprised by how fast and well it absorbed into my skin. It can feel a little tacky at the beginning but after a few minutes, it feels more like a moisture barrier. 


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One of the absolute best things about this pack - besides the fact that it decreases the size of your travel bag monumentally - is the fact that works on every skin type. While, yes, I'm one to experiment with different ingredients and know for a fact there are thousands of formulas out there that work wonders on different skin struggles, the ingredients on this one are simple, but it's the combination of them what makes it such a catch. 


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