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Unwinding the daily grind - Leaders Daily Wonders Detox and Chill Mask - M Review 36

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Hello, guys!

My name is Jae, and this will be my first launch into the M-Review of the M-Blogs. Making my introduction short and sweet, I’m that full makeup every day, New Yorker, with an office desk-job. At age 26, my daily complexion suffers from acne-prone, sensitive, and combination skin with eczema. (Oh yeah, it’s complicated). Hopefully, my experiences and opinions can perk up another perspective on your items of interests.

Today, have your eyes out for the Leaders Daily Wonders Masks. They are fairly new to the merchandises, and the site carries the below selections:

Leaders Insolution Daily Wonders

-What Happened Last Night (Revitalizing)

-Pore Gone for Good (Pore Refining)

-Detox and Chill (Purifying)

-Breakup with Your Ex-Skin Cells (Exfoliating)

-Too Much Fun in the Sun? (Calming)

Witty names :)

Being an indecisive person I am, it was quite difficult to choose. I had to filter products along the way. My esthetician has mentioned that my pores and dead skin cells are not my main concern. There goes, Pore Gone for Good and Breakup with Your Ex-Skin Cells. And personally, I would prioritize detoxing over revitalizing my skin. Plus, there is dust everywhere! See you next time, What Happened Last Night and Too Much Fun in the Sun?. Thus and so, I picked up the Detox and Chill Charcoal Purifying Mask.

After a long busy day at work, I went home, showered, and prepared to get my mask on. After air-drying my face (no, I don’t use a towel to dry my wet face), I used COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner. (This product does not irritate, and it assists your natural skin barrier to do its job to prep and recover). As I opened the Detox and Chill pack, the mask was drenched in the serum without much excess left in the pack. It was a thick black cotton sheet mask that held onto the serum, pretty well. It strongly latched onto my skin with slight instances of air bubbles. I used a cooling massage roller over the mask for the next 20 minutes. (I recommend APRILSKIN Relaxing Cooling Stick). It’s a habit of mine. I like my face cooled while I have sheet masks on. Throughout the 20 minutes, it felt like a normal sheet mask. It was moist, and it soaked the skin with the serum. The fragrance was subtle. Tick-tock, tick-tock. After 20 minutes, I discarded the mask and lightly tapped the residue into my skin. The serum was sticky. I didn’t mind, but it took a little bit of effort to completely absorb.

Detox and Chill

What did I like about it?

It was a charcoal and volcanic ash mask that wasn’t it a mud form. I tend to stay away from clay mud masks because I don’t like the tightness as it may crack on top of my skin. What could have been better? Hmm, maybe the thickness of the mask. Not complaining, since it didn’t make the experience any less inconvenient. It was definitely on the thicker range of the mask thickness spectrum. (LOL, this is just according to my own statistics with masks). Focus ingredients I appreciated.

-Charcoal – beneficial to clean out impurities and pollutant

-Volcanic Ash – beneficial to purify skin with various minerals

-Green Tea extract – beneficial to prevent skin damage with powerful antioxidants

-Niacinamide – beneficial for anti-aging

-Sugar Maple Extract – beneficial to exfoliate skin

Morning After. 

My skin felt and looked relaxed. Hopefully, that indicated my skin has been “purified.” Deep cleanse isn’t something you can visually identify. It definitely did not irritate my skin. If you guys can recall, my skin is full of troubles from the sensitivity, eczema, and acne. So, that was a huge plus for me. Who would I recommend it to? If you want a hydrating, deep-cleansing mask, this is your pick. I would like to pick this up on a weekly basis to comfort my consciousness that I’ve made an extra effort to detox, hahahaha. Personally, I don’t think it would not concern any specific skin type. It seems like friendly mask to all types of skin. I appreciate you guys took the time to learn my experience, and I hope it gave you another insight to the product. Maybe, I will be back soon.

Take care, Jae

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