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What Does Clean Beauty Mean?

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Who doesn’t want flawless, beautiful, youthful skin, right? In this fast-paced life, we fail to give enough time towards skincare, resulting in premature signs of aging and skin problems that refuse to go away. 

Most times, we end up using skincare products that aren't suitable for our skin. Knowing what goes into our products is the first step in acheiving clean and healthy skin. 

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty includes products that keep in mind the overall wellbeing of your skin health. They are produced without suspected or proven toxic ingredients that may harm your body and the environment. Clean beauty doesn’t necessarily always mean all-natural – it simply means that it has been deemed safe for the skin. There are some synthetic ingredients that can fall into clean beauty, such as hyaluronic acid, and have to be made in a lab.  

What is excluded?

Clean beauty products maintain a high standard in choosing the right ingredients, which include organic, bio-dynamic, eco-cert, cruelty-free, wild-harvested. These are the top 5 ingredients we exclude in our Clean Beauty Collection here on Masksheets.

Parabens: Clean beauty is paraben free. Parabens are only preservatives that extend the shelf-life of products.
Sulfates: They are synthetic antioxidants that cause skin depigmentation.
Mineral Oils: It is an emollient, harmful to the human body. It may also clog pores and damage the skin barrier.
Synthetic Fragrance: It hurts thyroid functioning and harms the reproductive system.
Artificial Coloring: Toxic chemicals that can cause sensitivity, irritation, and further health complications.

Other harmful ingredients include: Phenoxyethanol, PEGs, Phthalatesm, Formaldehyde, Triclosan, Siloxanes

Why is clean beauty trending and what are its effects on the skin?

Clean beauty may be a vague term to many, but those who understand clean beauty will surely appreciate why it's trending now. The recent change in trends and the rising demand for organic or natural products have given rise to a demand for clean beauty.

Clean beauty is open for interpretation, as it is neither all-natural nor synthetic. Simply put, it is a naturally-derived product. As clean beauty is paraben free and does not use toxic ingredients, it has become a huge phenomenon in the cosmetic industry.

As a naturally-derived product, clean beauty has the following effects on your skin:

- By eliminating harsh chemical products from your natural skincare routine, your skin quality improves drastically.
- Natural skincare via clean beauty products offers long-term radiance.
- As your skin starts to look and feel healthy, you won't need much make-up.
- Skin irritation and sensitivities are reduced.
- Reduced skin problems, such as uneven skin tone, early skin aging, and pigmentation among others.

Final thoughts

The most important part of your skincare regime is how long and effectively it helps your skin stay healthy. Clean beauty can provide long term effects on your skin, and these are products you can trust will only work to better your skin. 

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