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2018 S/S Beauty Trend

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Woah is it already February? 1/12 of another year has flown by! It's still pretty cold in New York City, but in a couple of months, spring will be here :) Today, I'll be talking about some new beauty trends of spring and summer 2018! Without further ado, let's get started. Shall we?



Shiny, Glittery, and Glossy Lips

 Shiny, Glittery, and Glossy lips


I'm sure you've probably already seen this trend on your instagram feed. For the longest time, matte lips were everywhere. Yeah, I have to admit that I have a ton of matte lipsticks in my collection, but my dry lips were secretly crying out loud. I'm really happy that lip gloss trend is back, better than ever! I personally hated the classic glitter lips for its overwhelmingly unnatural look, but these Kira Kira lip glosses make your lips look luscious and dreamy.




Feathery Brows

Feathery Brows



With the matte lips trend, Instagram brows were taking over the internet by storm, for the longest time. I always appreciate clean brows, but ya know. Fake can never beat the natural! I think by this time, a lot of people had enough with the "perfect lips" and "perfect brows", and are now longing to go back to the natural look. I love the full, up-brushed brows, but if you're not blessed with the brow-department, mimicking the brow hair instead of filling them in completely, would do the trick.




Natural Base Makeup and Rosy Blush

Rosy Blush



I've recently noticed in many celebrities' and beauty gurus' selfies, that they've been using less foundation to achieve real looking skin. Even Kim Kardashian! (I'm pretty sure she doesn't bake her face as much as before). On the other hand, rosy cheeks are seen quite often! I think that rosy blush with bare (or almost bare) skin creates the fresh, innocent, and sun kissed look. 




Classic Red Lips

Classic Red Lips



Oh boy! Red lips will never go out of trend. With all other new beauty trends in 2018, red lips can definitely amp up the makeup for more classy and elegant look. I mean, you can never go wrong with signature red lips. Is there any other explanation needed? 




Peanut Butter Eyelids

Peanut butter eyes


I saved the best for last. "PEANUT BUTTER EYELIDS!" Have you ever heard of it yet? It blew my mind when I discovered them. These are peanut butter inspired eye makeup look that one of my favorite makeup artists, Terry Barberon (@Terrybarberonbeauty) created. Glossy/wet eyelids have newly become popular, so instead of using eyeshadows, Terry Barberon went ahead with a liquid concealer to create this wet peanut butter look.


In spring and summer of 2018, natural look seems to be winning the makeup game overall. I can't wait to try these trends myself, especially the peanut butter eye makeup! :) 

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