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Travel smart! How to easily bring your vanity when you are traveling

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Travel smart! How to easily bring your vanity when you are traveling

Last week, I left New York for 4 days. I went to Los Angeles! All the way from the East to the West. But…I went there for work… Excited and stressed at the same time. Because my skin is so sensitive, I get anxious about not being able to bring my whole vanity with me. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “My home is where my skincare is.” Oh yeah. I wholeheartedly agree a thousand percent. Nevertheless, I needed to tweak my everyday skincare a bit, so I could fit everything in that TSA approved zip bag. Doesn’t the zip bag look so small when you are about to pack? I own so much skincare. How do I work this out? There are some ways I accommodate.

Travel smart! How to easily bring your vanity when you are traveling

First! I need to see if any of my skincare products come in travel sizes.

1. COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Kit

Oh yes, COSRX. My bias. It comes with three COSRX products – Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, One Step Pimple Clear Pad, and Holymoly Snail Mask. I would use the cleanser for the morning, and use the exfoliating One Step Pimple Clear Pad in the evening.


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

The size of this item is travel friendly on its own. It always stay as my necessity for all of my healing acne wounds.


It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Touch Finish Multi Stick Brush


This merchandise comes with three different types of brushes – blending brush, pencil brush, and angle brush. Instead of brining the whole bulk of brushes, I can just bring this since it’s just a size of one brush. Very handy.


Skinfood Mist Bottle

Since the original merchandises’ sizes tend to be too big for travelling, I need to transfer them into a small bottle. I’ll just pour my everyday toner of choice, COSRX Centella Alcohol-Free Toner, into this little bottle. COSRX toner in Skinfood marked product. LOL!

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity

This is my first step for the evening cleanse. The consistency is in a balm texture. So, it is a painless transfer over to a small travel container.


In all honesty, there are some products I tend to use specifically when I’m travelling.


I like to mix and match the JAYJUN masks depending on my mood. If you match certain Jayjun masks together, you can carry all the essential skincare routine. For example, you can bring Real Water Brightening Mask + Baby Pure Shining Mask. This combination will provide cleansing foam, essence, eye cream, and masks to share with your travel buddy. When you bring Anti Dust Therapy Mask + Whitening Mask, this combination will provide cleanser, ampoule, under eye corrector, intensive cream, and masks to share. The pairings are perfect to end your busy day, right. Since you can throw out the package once you’re done, your bags will be lighter on the way back!

Jayjun Real Water Brightening Mask


Step one of Real Water mask is a cleansing foam. Step two is vita snow essence. And, the final step is a sheet mask.


JayJun Baby Pure Shining Mask

Step one of Baby Pure is blooming essence. Step two is the intensive shining sheet mask. Step three is hydro eye cream.


Jayjun Anti Dust Therapy Mask

Step one of Anti Dust Therapy mask is the fresh foam cleanser. Step two is the therapy sheet mask. Step three is the intensive cream.


Jayjun Anti Dust Whitening Mask

Distinctively from the other three Jayjun masks, the first step of Anti Dust Whitening mask is luminous sheet mask. Step two is the luster ampoule. Final step is the Under Eye Corrector.


There are some additional items I would like to suggest for those extra and/or particular situations.

Xenoch Party Girl Mini Ceramic Multi Iron

I cannot give up on my hairstyle. Do you know the importance of my hairstyle and the status of my bangs, and how it can really predict my mood for the day? This hair styling tool is compact and practical. This will definitely save some space for your luggage.


Etude House Soonjung Dry Capsule Sheet

Sometimes, the differences in the water content of different states irritate my skin. Has anyone else experience this, too? At those moments, I calm my skin with my toner. It can be very soothing to use your toner as the sheet mask for the day. Not only, it helps to calm down your skin, but it also promotes deeper penetration of the following skincare substances.



What travel plans do you guys have this year? Somewhere far from home? Staycation? Where ever you may be, I hope you will be able to gain new perspectives and experiences. Learn more about yourself and freshen your mind.




Take care,

Jae Kim

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