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This Mask Trend That Went Viral : Banobagi Vita Cocktail Brightening Mask Review M 29

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So, if late 1990s to early 2000 was the era of cotton mask, mid 2000 to early 2010 was that of hydrogel mask. After 2010, masks were made with various premium fabrics such as Tencel or Cupra or mixture of cotton and bio-cellulose. No matter what, mask material has evolved from its original form. In 2016 to 2017, foil masks are gaining their popularity. It was first made surprisingly by Estee Lauder, and unsurprisingly by a Korean manufacturer. Later, AHC, Neogen and many other many other companies also introduced similar type of product, and recently even the king of mask manufacturing Mediheal also introduced its TPU film mask as well. Anyhow, today I have prepared one of these foil masks - Banobagi’s Vita Cocktail Brightening Mask.


First Impression

I know it is not a very significant factor but I like it’s metal packaging. 10 masks are inserted in a hemi- circular metal case, so you can use this to store cosmetic samples or small makeup products. (I wish it is square shaped, then it will be so much more useful.) The mask is divided into two parts, and I wish it had protection layer like other foil masks. It was a little annoying to separate upper mask and lower mask. It had lots of serum in the package which I don’t like at all because generally foil masks cannot hold serum very well. But later I found out, they just filled excessive amount of serum in the package.


There were still tons of serums on the cotton side as well so it was definitely more than enough to moisturize my precious skin. It has obvious lemon-mint scent that I liked, but if you are absolutely anti-fragrance person, please be aware of it.



0.5 percent niacinamide is quite a decent amount of concentration for a mask considering the prolonged contact time. (The KFDA maximum is 5% but it is for normal skincare products that is used 0.1ml for most of the case.) Panthenol and trehalose are placed right after the niacinamide, meaning these two ingredients are also contained in relatively higher concentration in this Banobagi's Vita Brightening Foil Mask than many other masks. Some vitamin B derivatives such as panthenol, cyanocobalamin and vitamin C derivative magnesium aspartate and allantoin is infused with considerable amount. So, in terms of ingredient, this mask seems to work as it claimed. Antioxidant and arguably (and actively being studied) brightening ingredient glutathione is also found on the ingredient list but the concentration seems to be negligible. There is no considerably harmful ingredient on the list.

After Thought


I am all for stickiness. I have dry skin, so I like sticky textured products a lot. But Banobagi’s mask is heavily sticky. I can see it is from the high concentration of trehalose but I don’t think you can sleep right after this mask. I recommend you use facial oil after this mask to cover up the sticky residue if you don’t want to put towel under your pillow. Overall, hydration is very satisfying, I could feel my skin is very moisturized for whole day after this mask. So if you need some quick surge on your skin (and not care about stickiness too much,) this mask is definitely worth to try. If you are a sticky-phobia (lol,) I’d rather go for AHC or Mediheal.

Pros: absolutely moisturizing

Cons: absolutely sticky

Ideas: Quick & satisfactory charge on super dry day

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