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Clay Mask on a Sheet? Mediheal Pink Calamine Meshpeel Mask - Review M 28

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From few months ago, peel-off type masks become a trend. With the increasing popularity of Elizabecca’s Hell Pore, more and more brands are introducing similar type of peel-off masks, even from US based brands as well. Mediheal’s Pink Calamine Meshpeel mask is a quite different from those peel-off removal masks. You don’t have to apply the sticky liquid with your hands, since it has a nice cotton structure that supports clay coating so you can wear it just like a conventional hydration mask. The difference is that this mask dries-up like the clay mask in the jar and you can peel it off along with your dead skin, just like Hell-Pore mask. You can find similar masks from brands like So Natural and April Skin, so let’s take a look how “Emperor of the Masks” Mediheal made this cotton- clay mask different.

First Impression



Mediheal Pink Calamine Meshpeel Mask

Because of the coherence nature of the clay coating, they provide two separated protection films for backside and front-side. The clay is not super wet but it is good enough to nicely attach on your face for an hour. 


Because of the thick clay coating, they divided the mask into upper and lower piece, just like some of hydro-gel mask. It provides flexibility so it was easy to wear and stayed on the skin nicely. Since it’s a clay mask, it dries on your skin just like glue. So do not make any facial expression or laugh while mask is on. (I know it’s hard, but you should, lol.)


The instruction said the mask session should be 60min but after 45min, I saw the mask is completely dried up and I decided to remove it. 


You can obviously see it is nicely dried and ready to be pulled off.



Well, I don’t think I have many things to say about the ingredients, since most of dry-peel off masks (especially clay type) contain bentonite and kaolin. Some moisturizing factors such as allantoin and panthenol are on the ingredient list as well, but considering this is dry peel-off mask, so they won’t do much moisturizing anyway. Calamine (the mixture of zinc oxide & iron oxide) is used as calming active ingredient and giving nice pink color as well. Certainly, this is a dry-clay mask, so some calming ingredients to prevent irritation seem necessary in the formula.


After Thought

First, it hurts. I don’t have the most sensitive skin in the world but this Pink Calamine Meshpeel Mask is definitely not irritation free. (Although compared to Hell-Pore, it’s nothing.) However, it instantly removed dead skin and improved texture on my skin after just one session. Mediheal's Pink Calamine Meshpeel Mask is just so much more convenient than other clay masks in the jar because you can simply remove the mask structure, rather than trying to peel of the thin-dried films from your skin or washing it off with water. It leaved a bit of redness on my skin after the session but it quickly went away. But if you have sensitive skin, I don’t think this mask is good for you, and it certainly leaves thin layer of clay on your skin, so you still have to wash your face with water (not extensively like normal clay masks though.)





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