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Celebrities in Facial Mask Sheets Selfies

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Adele Mask Sheet Selfy
Adele in mask sheet - Instagram

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Celebrity beauty routines have always been elaborate affairs, but arguably the most selfie-worthy trend to emerge is that of the sheet face mask.

The moisturiser-infused products have been in vogue since 2013, but celebrities such as Adele, Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton apparently swear by this Korean beauty craze.

Masks have various active ingredients, ranging from hyaluronic acid, which plumps the top layers of skin, to vitamins and minerals promising rejuvenating qualities, and amino acids purporting to repair the connective tissue under the skin's surface.

Morning #NYC

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Turn up

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Things are gonna be great from now on

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Me? Oh I'm not available. Check back later

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G'morning NYC! Travel/hotel=dehydrated=scary moisture mask will be 10yrs younger in 15min!

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