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Customized Sheet Mask! - Gram's Double Chemi Ban Ban Mask - M Review 39

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BanBan Mask


Hi M-Friends! It’s been a while since I’ve written a review on sheet masks, so I’m finally back with another review! Today, I’ll be trying Gram’s Double Chemi Ban Ban Sheet Mask.



BanBan Mask


Ban Ban (반반) directly translates to Half Half. So, this mask is literally separated into two parts: T and U.

T (Pore out mask):

Sebum taping + pore tightening + softening Air-dry sheet: Ultra-light fiber sheet sticks to the skin and delivers active ingredients effectively.

U (Moisture wrapping mask):

Long-lasting + firming + Dewy Honeycomb protection sheet: Sophisticated and strong honeycomb sheet penetrates concentrated ampoule to skin.


First, I washed my face and prepped my skin with a toner. Oh! For the side note, I've beeing using Garnier's micellar cleansing water for about a couple of weeks now, and so far I'm loving it! 

BanBan Mask


The first mask looked very interesting. As described in the back of the package, the hard, green sheet is only the protector for the thin, white mask. I'm going to be using. It was sort of hard to separate the two, because the actual mask was sooo thin! o.O



BanBan Mask 


Then, I put on the second mask on my U-zone. I know what you're probably thinking... "This girl does not know how to properly apply sheet masks! Why is it so crumpled?" I know, but my ezcema gets awful around my upper lip area time to time.. and I have to rip that part of the sheet masks whenever I'm using one. Just to avoid irritaiton.



BanBan Mask


I had some dry patches and ezcema around my cheeks so I was a bit hesitant to do a review on a new mask. I was worried if using a sheet mask would cause a burning sensation but this mask surprisingly soothed my skin!



BanBan Mask


About 10 minutes later, the T-zone mask was completely dried up. This thin sheet had perfectly stuck onto my skin, like a peel-off nose mask. When I was pulling it off, it made a crispy sound, which I thought was so crazy XP!




BanBan Mask


I waited extra 10minutes until I took off the U-zone mask. I was pretty startled at the U-zone mask and how refreshing and soothing it was!


Final thoughts!

I have never tried Gram's skin care products before, and I would generously give a 4.5 out of 5 for the quality of this mask.

HOWEVER, I do want to mention that after I pulled off the T-zone mask, my forehead and nose area felt a bit too dry. I mean, it's supposed to take out all of your sebum, but my skin being extremely dry and sometimes almost flaky, the T-zone mask was not the best of choice for me. Nonetheless, I want to note that it did not irritate my sensitive skin though. I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone whose skin is not as dry as mine! I think Jae (sensitive and combination skin) would surely love this mask more than I did:) So I went ahead and applied some cream on that area before I went to bed. On the other hand, the U-zone mask did a fantastic job on soothing my dry patches. It has definitely cooled down my skin and soothed irritaiton as well.


I hope my review was helpful:)

Talk to you guys again!

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