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DASHU Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo - M Review 113

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Dashu Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo - M Review 113

Am I the only one that sees an alarming bunch of hair in the drain after a shower? While it's normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs every day, seeing a big clump of hair there drives me nuts, especially since it got worse after having to tie my hair in a bun everyday in the Army! I certainly don't miss that.

So to prevent thinning of hair and further losing of strands, I've started looking into more strengthening products. One of these is the newest shampoo I've started trying out!

Here's a first impressions review of the DASHU Anti Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo, a Korean herbal shampoo that promises to strengthen, provide protein care, prevent hair loss, improve thickness, and care for your scalp.


Dashu Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo product - M Review 113

I was a little afraid that it would smell too herbaly (I'm not a fan of ginseng smells as you might know), but the minty smell was a nice surprise! Because of this smell and packaging, I think this is a unisex shampoo that'd be great for either men or women. The smell is super refreshing and not overbearing, but doesn't really last on the hair.

Dashu Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo texture - M Review 113

The color was also surprising: it's like copperish with metallic hues? It's a big gooey but lathers really nicely and gives a deep cleanse. A little too deep in my opinion: I feel like my hair is left somewhat tuggy and dry by itself so I always make sure to use a good conditioner/hair mask to help soften my strands.

Because I've only used it 4 times (I don't wash my hair everyday to prevent dryness), I haven't really seen much difference in terms of hair loss. But I like the many botanical extracts on the ingredients list - including aloe, ginseng, licorice root, rosemary, turmeric, grapefruit, sage, etc. I will continue to use it and update you guys.


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