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The Truth: Is Natural Skincare Better For You?

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Your skincare regime is what defines the health and beauty of your skin. Not everyone is blessed with perfection, however. Pimples, blemishes, uneven tone, and such are among those issues that many people face in their day to day life. If you are one of those people, you might have heard about the natural skincare regime at least once in your life. But is natural skincare better for you? 

What is Natural Skincare?

The word natural is often used when it comes to skincare and haircare. But what does it mean in the cosmetic world? There's a huge difference between natural skincare and naturally-derived skincare. Most people confuse between the two and assume they follow the natural skincare regime.

Natural skincare refers to the use of natural ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, and such, in the skincare regime without any synthetic derivation. Naturally-derived skin care refers to the use of organic or natural products that undergo processes to furnish products that can be sold as clean beauty.

Is Natural Skincare completely safe?

There are several misconceptions on natural ingredients being completely safe. Poison ivy, for instance, is completely natural, but there's no way that it is a part of skincare or haircare regimes. So are all-natural products necessarily better? 

For some, citrus, a rich source of vitamin C, helps destroy free radicals and provides a radiant glow. It rejuvenates the skin from the inside and clears uneven skin tone and sunspots. But for others, citrus can be an irritant and a culprit behind redness, dry skin, and other problems.

Natural Skincare vs Artificial Skincare

There is a constant debate on natural skincare and artificial skincare. While it is clear that natural skincare uses products that do not undergo synthetic derivation, artificial skincare refers to a mix of chemical compounds, sometimes being sourced from natural sources. Many companies use one or more natural ingredients in their products and label them so. 

While it is argued that natural products are always better than artificial, they do not produce the effect that artificial skin care products do. To make things easier, naturally-derived skincare products, or clean beauty, offers much better results as they are thoroughly-researched to enhance the skin's health naturally.

Science and technology have advanced to a point where synthetic skincare products result in beautiful skin. But clean beauty gives the same result with fewer chemicals.


Natural skincare is now just a part of branding. As many people fail to understand the difference between natural and naturally-derived, cosmetic firms have just one naturally-derived ingredient in their product and label it ‘natural.’

It is as good as consuming an olive oil dressing. The product is sold under the ‘olive oil’ banner, while olive oil is just a small and insignificant percentage of the dressing. To conclude, it is always better to judge what is better for your skin based on your skin type rather than product branding.

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