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Donginbi Red Ginseng Power Repair Eye Serum and Cream Kit Review M12

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Quite a bit of luxury for your eyes:                                         Donginbi Red Ginseng Power Repair Eye Serum & Cream kit

Even after we decided to carry Donginbi's product as an authorized seller in, honestly I was a little reluctant to write a review about them. Because Donginbi's products are much more expensive than most of our products and they are less known to US customers. However this summer, Donginbi introduced a beautiful eye care kit. I simply could not resist opening a box, using it and writing a review. Look at this irresistible package.

donginbi jin eye-cream set 

First Impression

Since Donginbi positions itself as a luxury cosmetic, it is packaged in a decent and elegant dark brown box. Red Ginseng Power Repair line is premium line even in Donginbi's cosmetics, it seems like Donginbi put lots of sophisticated effort on this kit in terms of design and material. It consists of two eye care products – an eye cream for day and night, and an eye serum for night time only. It is also packaged with a 24K gold applicator which can be used as spatula and massager. The texture of cream is almost like butter, it has solid like texture but it melts & absorbs into skin very well. Just like many other Donginbi's products, it smells very ginseng. I mean, VERY VERY SWEET ginseng. The serum in the kit has very interesting texture. It is neither watery gel nor the cream; it feels almost like honey or paint. Even though it has very thick liquid texture, it absorbs really quick as well. It has bit of oily rather than watery / sticky. It leaves silky and oily layer after the application, so I understand why this serum is night time use only. Anyway, the textures from both of the products in the kit are very satisfactory.

donginbi jin eye serum

donginbi jin eye cream

Ingredient Check

Both the cream and the serum are enriched with red ginseng extracts. Both of the products used Panax ginseng water as base. The cream contains hydrogenatedpolydecene that is known as synthetic squalene. It has very similar molecular structure with squalene, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. However if you are allergic to squalene or you have acne prone skin, (around your eye zone) please test this cream before you use. Both of the products are formulated with brightening & anti-aging ingredient niacinamide and red ginseng oil and fermented red ginseng extracts (lactobacillus/red ginseng extract filtrate) fortifies regenerative property of this cream and serum. Other moisturizing agents such as ceramide NP, ginsenoside, and betaine also are formulated in these products. The serum contains brightening active ingredient, adenosine and several silicone based moisturizers. It leaves your skin super soft and lock up the moistures very effectively, but it's not appropriate for the day time use because it will hinder your eye makeup (Maybe that's why it is made for the night time use. Both of the products are paraben free, and I cannot see any specifically harmful ingredients. There are many herb extracts (generally, oriental medicine prescription) on the ingredient list, but there are little researches available, so I won't mention them in this posting.

 donginbi jin eye cream set 1

After Thought

 It is a truly premium textured product. Especially, the eye serum has very unique texture that I haven't seen in the other eye care products. The sweet ginseng smell is "like or dislike." I personally like it, but some of my coworkers just hate it, lol. But it does not stay on your face forever, so you do not have to worry too much. I think the 24K gold spatula/applicator is a good tool to use these cream products because the blunt head maybe used for massage and acupressure around your eye zone (There is a detailed instruction inside of the box.)  Overall, this is a good product with unique texture and packaging. If you are up for a little luxury for your eyes, this may be a good product to try.

One line Review 


PROS: concentrated, balm textured

CONS: Price, Price, Prcie

IDEAS: A little lux touch for your sophisticated eye zone

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