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APRILSKIN Magic Snow Pink Cushion - Review M13

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Hello, Hello It’s Suzi K. Actually it’s my first time to write something without my Pink Cat character. It’s so nice to meet you guys again through postings. How are you spending the late summer? Are you prepared for going back to school? Or still working like me? haha. As you can see from our SNS, we have so many lovely products.

Aprilskin Pink Cushion

Today I want to introduce Aprilskin’s mega best seller Magic Snow Cushion Pink!! Even before I saw the actual products and test them I knew I have to buy them. BECAUSE I LOVE PIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKK!! I am a pink admirer! But the pink colored container is not the only reason why I love this product so much. Aprilskin is a very popular brand in Korea. Actually my friend recommended Aprilskin’s Magic Snow Cream, I never expected this would make my skin so much brighter and vivid. (I’m not talking about unnatural whitey stuffs) It literally made my skin brighter!! I don’t think I can’t do makeup anymore without this. I always blend this with other products.

Pink Green Purple Beige

Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion is CC (color correcting cushion.) It has 4 colors – pink, green, purple and beige. The cushion contains cherry blossom extract so it gives off very pleasant cherry blossom smell. LOVE IT!!!! Even puff is pink colored. It has very light texture and absolutely no stickiness at all. Amazingly, SPF is high (SPF 50+ / PA+++) enough to be used for sunscreen. And they got accredited as dual functional cosmetics (brightening / anti-aging) from KDFA.
Ah, let’s look at the color right now.

skin ton

Pink – is for the people has pale skin and it gives naturally pinkish radiance.
Green – is good for the people with redness on the skin. So it is good to cover acne scars
Purple – is good for the people with dull / yellowish skin tone. It is good to naturally cover light freckles or melasma.
Beige – is good for the natural looking coverage.


This cushion is soooooooooo moisturizing and it is super nice for the correction makeup. I mean especially in the summer like this, makeup easily goes away and skin looks dull so easily even you do the completely good looking makeup in the morning. So, we need this bright & moisturizing CC cushion to conveniently correct our skin. I mean, feel this rice cake like puff. You will understand what I am saying.

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