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EVERYDAZE Hydrogel Eye Patches Review - M Review 109

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 Everydaze Hydrogel Eye Patches thumbnail - M Review 109

Everyday in the daze of your beauty~ 

Everydaze is a new brand that I have come across during my K-Beauty ventures. Researching a bit about the brand, it is a K-Beauty inspired beauty brand that focuses on offering products that can help people craft beauty from the inside out. The Hydrogel Eye Patches are the first products that the brand has launched and I was beyond excited to try them out. 


Everydaze Hydrogel Eye Patches packaging - M Review 109

The Hydrogel Eye Patches come in to two versions - Diamond Drop and Gold Charcoal. The packaging on both products looked very luxurious and aesthetically pretty (Instagram-worthy). These eye patches use a hydrogel material, as opposed to a cotton one, which holds the ingredients and serum much better for extra hydration. I often find that some eye patches are not drenched in enough serum but this one came with a lot which I appreciate. They both come with small plastic tweezers to pick up the eye patches which I thought was a nice touch. 

Everydaze Diamond Drop Hydrogel Eye Patches 

Everydaze Hydrogel Eye Patches diamond - M Review 109

The Diamond Drop Hydrogel Eye Patches, my personal favorite, claims that it is a brightening hydrogel eye patch that will “disguise your lack of sleep.” I suffer from terrible dark circles due to bad sleeping habits. The key ingredients in this eye patch are diamond powder, caffeine, and galactomyces. Diamond powder is known to instantly illuminate dull skin for a radiant finish. Caffeine energizes the undereye while reducing swelling and puffiness. Galactomyces refines skin texture and brightens dullness. 

Everydaze Gold Charcoal Hydrogel Eye Patches 

Everydaze Hydrogel Eye Patches charcoal - M Review 109

The Gold Charcoal Hydrogel Eye Patches claims that it age-rewinding eye patch that will “revive what time has taken away.” It is supposed to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful-looking under eyes. The key ingredients in this eye patch are collodial gold, charcoal, and adenosine. Gold increases elasticity in the skin. Charcoal detoxifies and improves circulation. Adenosine stimulates collagen production for firmer, lifted under eyes

Everydaze Hydrogel Eye Patches try on - M Review 109

After trying these eye patches out a couple times, I have come to really enjoy them. 

Everydaze Hydrogel Eye Patches after diamond - M Review 109

Pro Tip: Stick these eye patches in the refrigerator for a cooling sensation and extra de-puffing. I’ve noticed that my eyes were instantly a lot brighter and luminous after using the Diamond Drop eye patches. It took a couple tries for me to notice the Gold Charcoal work its magic, but after trying them out 3x within one week, I’ve noticed that areas around my eyes looked more tight and smooth. 

Everydaze Hydrogel Eye Patches after charcoal - M Review 109

Overall, I think these have been, by far, my favorite hydrogel eye patches I’ve ever tried. I personally think that the Diamond Drop ones are my ultimate favorite but this can depend on your under eye concerns. For those that love to multi-mask, these eye patches are easy to use when using another mask sheet at the same time, and they can be used on other areas of the face too. Using a pair before makeup application also makes products like concealer apply smoothly with less dry creasing! 

Diamond Drop Hydrogel Eye Patches: 4.6/5 

Gold Charcoal Hydrogel Eye Patches: 4/5

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