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TOP 10 KPOP Songs of Summer 2019

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Summer is officially almost over, but the fun is not over just yet! This summer has been full of amazing travels, sunny weather, and some of the BEST Korean music. There were HOT hit songs from this year from KPOP groups and singers that we all love to stan!

Let's recap some of the TOP 10 KPOP Songs of Summer 2019:

#10 Stray Kids - MIROH 

This powerful and upbeat bop from JYP Entertainment's Stray Kids will have you putting your hands in the air! These boys show off their impressive vocals and rap as well as their powerful dancing in this dynamic music video. 


With 13 members in the group, there's no surprise that SEVENTEEN is able to show us a HIT with this track. This song shows off their masculine charisma and charms that will give listeners an energetic boost! 

#8 CHUNG HA - Snapping

Chung Ha doesn't fail to disappoint with each new release. "Snapping" shows off a sexy and powerful side of Chung Ha that had fans feeling confident all while snapping along with her. 


Once a member of IOI, Somi has grown a massive following of her own, and her fans were shaking with the drop of this song that shows off her cute and bad-girl persona. The song's playful tone sends a positive vibe that made every day of the summer a birthday celebration! 


A subgroup of NCT 127, NCT Dream captured the hearts of fans with a BOOM. The song highlights the sultry and smooth side of the boys that had all of us melting in the summer! 

#5 Red Velvet - Zimzalabim 

SM Entertainment's hottest girl group came back with a moody and funky twist to their usual repetoire. The song shows off the girls' lighthearted vocals and choreography all while blending both their bright personality and bad girl vibes.  

#4 ITZY - ICY 

A personal summer favorite of mine - JYP's newest rookie group released this hot comeback during the peak of summer. "ICY" is a cool and refreshing song that is both catchy and addicting, perfect for the summer heat! 


JYP has been killing 2019 with all his groups and TWICE is no different. With back to back hits, TWICE brings a lively energy with "FANCY" that will put anyone in a positive mood even during the hottest days of the summer. 

#2 BLACKPINK - Kill This Love 

The global phenomenon that is BLACKPINK. YG Entertainment's hottest girl group has made waves in KPOP all over the world. Kill This Love highlights the girls' bad girl image with powerful lyrics and choreography that had everyone around the world shook! 

#1 BTS - Boy with Luv 

Is this even a surprise? BTS is THE hottest group in KPOP right now and has made such an huge impact worldwide. "Boy with Luv" is a happy and lively song with bright colors that puts anyone listening in a good mood. It has been played everywhere during the summer from Korea to the U.S. which explains why they are number 1 on this list! 

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