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Grab Attention with the Perfect Red Lips!

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Red Lips


2017 Holiday vibes are officially everywhere!

The songs, decorations, the lights, and the Christmas trees! During this time of the year, the gift wraps, ribbons, ornaments, and even Starbucks cups accentuate RED. Red represents and sets the holiday vibes. You, cosmetic enthusiast, would not dismiss and would recognize that red lipsticks should not be left out, here. With the perfect red lipstick, you can turn an
ordinary look into a head turning statement. Do you have a dinner reservation with your friends? End of the year office party? family gathering? date with your significant other? Make them turn their head and listen to what those red lips have to say.


I must mention these already infamous and popular red lipsticks

Luxury Lipsticks

Chanel Rouge Allure velvet #56 Rouge Charnel
Chanel Rouge Allure #99 Pirate
Rouge Dior #999
Mac Ruby Woo
Kat Von D Underage Red
Estee Lauder Pure color envy, Impassioned
Fenty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color – Uncensored

All of above red beautys are so bold and sexy. They look gorgeous with a full contour of the lips. These red lipsticks make you look courageous and fearless. But, there are those reds that make you just as charming and lovely. Red can be swapped into variety of looks. Especially within the Korean beauty market, many consumers look for tints that stains the lips. Buildable tints and lipsticks can be controlled without difficulty. They tend to be less messy and can be easily used to create a gradient red tone lips that appears as if you bit a cherry.


Red Lips


K-Beauty Lipsticks

Tony moly Delight Tony 02 Red
Tony Moly Liptone Get it Tint 4 Red Hot
Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tine Water Bar 04 Red in Red
Missha Matte Lip Rouge MRD02 Salsa Red
Missha Matte Lip Rouge MRD01 High Heel
Missha Matte Lip Rouge MRD04 Ruby Stone
3CE Tatto Lip Tint Luztic
3CE Tatto Lip Tint Coma


Red Lips



Red always has its way to allure you in. But don’t forget to follow some of our tips to prevent any mess or trouble, as it can get tricky sometimes.

* Are your lips exfoliated? Make sure to prepare a smooth surface.
* Apply concealer and powder around your lips to prevent any bleeds.

* Remove any excess color in the middle of your lips to prevent any red teeth stains.
* To accentuate red lips, you should take it easy on the eyes and cheeks. A natural light finish will keep
the look well balanced.
* You can apply The Saem Color Coating Lip Topcoat to extend the wear of your lipstick.
Are you not sure which red to choose?
* If you have warm undertones, orange or coral reds matches well.
* If you have cool undertones, blue or pink reds matches well.
* Darker complexion highlights the purple and plum reds, very well.
* Ever heard? Blue reds makes your teeth look less yellow.

At the end, there are no rules. So, feel free to experiment to find the right red for your character. Although red lips do captivate the eyes, you can take that chance to make people listen and fall into your charm. Hopefully, this new look will also open new doors to further express yourself and let your story be heard :)

Wishing everyone happy holidays and memorable times with your loved ones!

Jae Kim

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