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Top 3 Best Seller Sheet Masks of 2017

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Best of 2017

Hello, M-Friends!

Happy December 1st! Another year has flew by so quickly.

Today, I'm rounding up the top 3 best sellers on '' in the category of sheet masks for this year. Believe me, it was pretty challenging to narrow down to three. Without further ado, let's jump right in. 


3. Llang's On The Skin Mask Sheet - Seaweed From Jeju 

"Moisture moisture moisture!" - Kumi Review

"Perfect for everyday sheet masking." - Jane Review

"I'm so angry at myself for not using this mask sooner." - Jules Review

LLANG On the skin mask Jeju


          Llang's 'On The Skin Mask Sheets' are one of the most loved sheet masks through out the year. The series come in Hawaii, United Kingdom, France, and Jeju. Though all four of them are best sellers on, we picked out the best of the best, just for you; 'Seaweed from Jeju'. The representative brown algae seaweed obtained from clean sea of Jeju Island will clarify your pores and visibly improve your skin texture. (seaweed extract 10 ppm)




2. CosRX's Acne Pimple Master Patch

 "Great way to get rid of the zits quickly" - Martha Review

"Give it time to work it's magic." - Cici Review

"I don't know how I will survive w/o them now." - Anniemarie Review

COSRX Acne pimple master patch


          I know, I know. These arent sheet masks, but I had to include these spot patches to the Top 3 Best sellers of 2017. The Acne Pimple Master Patch heals acne blemishes quickly while preventing future breakouts. They are just so convinient to pop on whenever you get a random zit on your skin. Medicated with Hydrocolloid, these sticker patches knock the daylights out of pimples. They zap zits dry and prevent them from growing bigger by protecting them from dust and viruses in the air. Your blemishes will shrink into oblivion, but in the meantime you can even wear these patches out since they're genuinely clear:)




1. Banobagi's Vita Cocktail Foil Masks

"A must have mask." - James Review

"You've got to try these foil masks out!!!!" - Katie Review

"A LOT of essence." - Michelle Review

BNBG Vita Cocktail Foil Mask

Aqua -  Intensive Moisturizing SHOP NOW

Age - Intensive Lifting Brightening SHOP NOW

Intensive Brightening SHOP NOW


          Last but not least, Banobagi's Vita Cocktail Foil Masks are the killer masks. The main ingredient for all three of the masks is vita cocktail, which contains magnesium, calcium, and vitamin sapsome (vitamin B, B2, B12, & C). What makes these masks unique is the 3-layer technology: foil layer, 100% pure cotton layer, and high enriched essence. If you still haven't tried foil masks, you are seriously missing out :p



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