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I love green tea so matcha!

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Green tea


My goodness – coffee is beautiful, charming, delightful, wonderful, and lovely. The taste. The scent. The effect. Everything about it. I literally live across Starbucks, so it was always so easy for me to fulfill my addiction for coffee. My favorite coffee drink is Soy Latte.

I recently quit coffee – for the second time in my life…

I felt extremely dehydrated. All the time! I would have a big fatigue crash at the end of the day. I wasn’t on proper sleeping pattern. Worst of all, I was experiencing GERD symptoms – periodic and persistent gagging reflex (For real, it’s so annoying). To sum it all, I was going through all the negative physical effects of high caffeine intake. My body was screaming and pleading to make some changes with my bad habits.


Green tea


Instead of relinquishing all intake of caffeine, I have decided to adjust to a healthier intake of caffeine than from multiple espresso shots in a latte.

Hence, tea.


Green tea


Specifically, green tea. Matcha. When I went through my previous period of quitting coffee, I came to rely on tea. It surely offered a subtle and gradual effect of caffeine. Moreover, I wasn’t experiencing all those negative reactions, anymore. It was a change I need to make.


Green tea


If you weren’t already aware of the reasons of the matcha craze, it is because green tea has countless numbers of benefits for your body, inside and out.

1. Antioxidant powerhouse – lowers risk of cancer and helps fight against free radicals, which also
means it fights against signs of aging!
2. Reduces inflammation
3. Cleanses out toxins
4. Antibacterial properties – battling against acne provoking bacteria
5. Reduces puffy eyes and dark circles
6. Tightens pores


Green tea


Green tea makes you feel and look beautiful. Now, go enjoy a cup of green tea or a matcha latte as you pamper on some of those greens on your face.


Green tea

Here are some beauty products with green tea in our curation:

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If you are motivated to quit coffee like me, remember that there are way more types of tea you can enjoy. Earl grey, oolong, chamomile, English breakfast, black tea, chai, milk tea, and many more! …Or, just enjoy that cup of coffee – just don’t let it eat you up.


Green tea


Take care,
Jae Kim

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