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Sensitive Skin's Best friend: I'm From Mugwort Essence Review - M Review 133

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The ingredient mugwort has been all the hype in K-Beauty, especially with more people dealing with skin sensitivities and #maskne during these times of having to wear a mask. Mugwort (aka artemisia) is an oriental herb, traditionally used in Korea for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and skin healing properties. It’s been often compared to the ingredient cica as being more effective in treating acne, redness, and irritation in the skin. The K-Beauty brand, I’m From, has their own line of Mugwort products that have been receiving so much love from the skincare community over the past year, so of course I had to try it out myself.

I'm From Mugwort Essence


I’ve been using the I’m From Mugwort Essence in my skincare routine for over a week to see whether this essence lives up to the hype. If you’ve never used an essence in your routine before, it is a hybrid between a toner and a serum as it helps prep your skin with moisture while delivering the effects of the concentrated key ingredients – in this case, mugwort extract! 

I'm From Mugwort


100% Artemisia Princeps Extract

Artemisia princeps extract, aka mugwort extract, is known to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin while treating and protecting the skin from future breakouts. This product is only made of 100% pure mugwort extract which reduces the chances of reacting from other ingredients in the formulation – we stan an all-natural clean beauty product!

 Before & After Photo
Mugwort Essence TextureMugwort Essence Texture

Best Suited For: Acne-prone, sensitive skin types

Skin Concerns:

  • Acne
  • irritation
  • inflammation
  • redness

USE & APPLICATION: I used the Mugwort Essence as my first step after cleansing in place of my typical toner in my AM + PM skincare routine. I used my hands instead of a cotton pad to apply the product to prevent waste – and in my opinion, it absorbs better applying it with my hands.

TEXTURE: The essence has a lightweight, watery consistency with a slight viscosity to it that makes it moisturizing when applied onto the skin. I personally love this texture as it adds moisture into my skin without leaving a sticky or heavy feeling to the skin. The watery texture sinks quickly and gets the skin prepped for my following skincare steps.

MY THOUGHTS: I have oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin (the best skin type…said no one), and I’m constantly struggling with new breakouts by the week, especially with having to wear masks every day. I would consistently breakout around my mouth and jaw area, and my skin has been always prone to irritation and reacts to just about anything.

After including this essence into my routine, I have noticed a huge difference in the acne and redness on my face. I instantly felt a soothing sensation once applied to the skin – the troubled areas of my skin would immediately feel less inflamed. Within a week of constant use, the red, angry bumps and breakouts got smaller and less inflamed, and I found that my skin was less prone to breaking out when using it day and night. All skin types would love using this as a moisturizing essence with the added calming benefits mugwort has to offer. It’ll be a go-to SOS product that you can always rely on when your skin is freaking out and needs a reset. I highly recommend anyone with sensitive skin to give this essence a try – the Mugwort Essence gets my stamp of approval and may be a HOLY GRAIL for 2021!

What’s your favorite I’m From product that I should try next?

Until next time,
Gene Choi


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