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Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum Review - M Review 118

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Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum - M Review 118

It's the weekend, finally! Had a super stressful week with 3 lab reports due and a test hfjshajsgaka but I'm done, took a nap, and I'm back. Thankfully next week we have the whole week off! How do you destress? For me, I love to unwind with #skincare in case you missed it. Lately I've been testing this beautiful Black Pearl First Repair Serum from Jayjun and it's so unique! First time seeing a black serum.


Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum dropper - M Review 118

It features a combination of adenosine, niacinamide, and fine pearl particles to enhance radiance and give anti aging benefits. The black color comes from the black oxide of iron which is gentle, safe, and non-toxic even for sensitive skin. Other ingredients include propolis, centella, honeysuckle flower, and other botanical extracts.

Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum texture - M Review 118

It has a gooey, almost honey-like consistency that leaves skin a little sticky at first, but since it isn't heavy, it gets absorbed fairly fast, leaving skin moisturized and visually glowy and brighter, as you can see (but not shimmery, just a healthy, subtle glow).

Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum texture spread - M Review 118

I really enjoy this brightening effect on days that my skin is dull, BUT a big complaint I personally have is the strong perfumey scent. It doesn't smell natural or too pleasant to me so it deters me from using it often. I noticed that Jayjun products tend to have a strong smell, just my two cents for those that have sensitive noses like myself.

Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum absorbed - M Review 118

In terms of anti-wrinkle, I can't really say much about it but I might give this to my mom if she's not bothered by the smell, to see if she likes it. It does have a gorgeous and luxurious packaging like a lot of Jayjun products, with a gold dropper and the beautiful pearl sparkles. I love the combination of gold and black, it reminds me of galas.

Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum product - M Review 118

Have you seen a black serum before?

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