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Jayjun Green Tea Gel Patch: Eye Care and Self Care in One – M Review 55

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Jayjun Green Tea Gel Patch: Eye Care and Self Care in One – M Review 55




Eye care is the one step in my skincare routine that I often ignore, but really shouldn’t. The skin under the eye is the usually the first to show signs of aging, as it’s the most delicate and thinnest layer of skin on your face. Even if you’re only in your early 20’s (like me) and don’t have wrinkles yet, dark under eye circles or puffiness are probably still ruining the perfect makeup look you just applied. These problems are often caused by lack of sleep and staring a screen too long, but when you have deadlines to meet and only 24 hours in a day, what else can you do to fix this?


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Most people think heavy eye creams are the answer, but I myself have never had much luck with them. I’ve found that many never fully absorb or they contain ingredients that end up irritating my sensitive undereye. The alternative that I’ve found to these creams are gel eye patches. These weren’t as easy to find a few years ago, but now many brands have hopped on the trend and they’ve become much more accessible. I recently decided to try some eye patches from one of my favorite brands JAYJUN. 





The JAYJUN Green Tea Eye Gel Patches contain ingredients that are meant to help calm, brighten, hydrate, and fight signs of aging. Some of the ingredients that I appreciate the most are Niacinamide, which helps to brighten skin, and Green Tea Powder, which soothes and reduces swelling or irritation. All these amazing ingredients make up a lightweight essence that easily absorbs into the skin, unlike the heavy eye creams I’ve used in the past. After wearing the patches for 20 or so minutes, I gently tap the remaining essence in and no sticky residue is left over. 


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These patches have helped me to get over my eye cream phobia, and to start taking eye care more seriously. They’re incredibly easy to apply and feel so soothing and cooling on my tired eyes after a long day. Wearing them makes me feel like I’m at the spa and treating myself to much needed care. The next morning, I find that my dark circles look brighter and less sunken in. I can’t attest to how well the do with wrinkles because I don’t have noticeable ones yet, but I can say that keeping my undereye area soothed and hydrated will help in the long run. These patches are a great alternative to those who find creams to be heavy or irritating, or just want to treat themselves to a little self-care.



Sara Crisafulli of The Beauty Witches





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