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K-Beauty Recommendations Inspired by Pantone's 2023 Color Reveal: Viva Magenta

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K-Beauty Recommendations Inspired by Pantone's 2023 Color Reveal: Vivid Magenta

Welcome to the Magentaverse! The long awaited color reveal for the upcoming 2023 year has now been released! This year's color, Viva Magenta 18-1750 is a powerful shade that symbolize experimentation and self-expression without restraint and encourages a rebellious spirit. It is a shade rooted in nature deriving from the red color family, which is known for being a bold statement color that promotes joy, fearlessness and strength. Taking inspiration from this, I have compiled a list of magenta-themed products from our Masksheets curation to welcome the new color of the year!

First up, we have I'm From's Fig Boosting Essence! This essence is packed with 62% fig extract which moisturizes and offers antioxidants that defend and protect your skin barrier from the damage caused by environmental aggressors, such as UV rays, air pollution, and fluctuations in temperatures making this the perfect product to introduce into your winter skin routine! Other significant ingredients include Soybean Seed Extract which stimulates collagen production and offers skin smoothing benefits, Betaine Salicylate to mildly exfoliate, as well as Panthenol, Allantoin, Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize, soothe and strengthen the barrier of your skin. 

Masksheets Recommendation
I'm From Fig Boosting Essence

Image via I'm From Official Instagram

Another magenta-inspired recommendation would be I'm From's Beet Energy Ampoule! This ampoule is specially formulated with 81.5 % red beet extract to supply hydration and enhance the skin's moisture retention abilities. The water drop texture containing micro squalene capsules quickly absorbs into the skin barrier leaving a refreshing finish without any stickiness. Red beet is also rich in minerals and betaine, effective to moisturize dry and rough skin making this ampoule a MUST skincare step during cold weather!

Masksheets Recommendation
I'm From Beet Energy Ampoule


Image via I'm From Official Instagram

Next up, we have Rom&nd's Zero Matte Lipstick in the shade #14 Sweet P! This lipstick was designed with an ultra-light, adhesive formula with a light weight, smooth, velvety finish. The soft, lightweight texture glides on the lips leaving a long lasting sleek finish without any flake! The shade is highly pigmented with a plum pink hue and a subtle hint of grey creating a beautifully bold statement for your makeup look!

Masksheets Recommendation
Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick #14 Sweet P

Image via Masksheets Official Website

Finally, here's Feev's Hyper-Fit Color Serum in the color Pit-a-Pat! This multifunctional moisturizing essence and blusher all-in-one enhances the skin by providing a touch of color for a healthy-looking appearance. This formula is enriched with algae extract and glycerin to provide long lasting moisture for your skin and has a lightweight, buildable formula that you can apply onto your cheeks or lips to complete your makeup look! 

Masksheets Recommendation:
Feev Hyper-Fit Color Serum

Feev Hyper-fit Color Serum

Image via Masksheets Official Website

That concludes our list of K-Beauty recommendations inspired by Pantone's 2023 color reveal, Viva Magenta! Hopefully you enjoy our curated selection! All of these products were carefully selected to reflect what Viva Magenta stands for; self expression, experimentation and strength and we hope that you can keep these ideologies with you during your skin care routines and self care sessions!


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