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KLAVUU: Your Best Friend for Radiant Summer Skin - M Review 86

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KLAVUU: Your Best Friend for Radiant Summer Skin - M Review 85 

KLAVUU Eye Mask and Cleansing Pad thumbnail - M Review 85

It feels like summer already so there’s a big chance you’re starting to think about your vacation plans. Trip to the beach? A cabin at the mountains? The commodity of your couch? No matter the plans there’s two things you need to make sure you have figured out before starting any holiday plans: the right wardrobe and your travel-friendly skincare routine.

Now, when traveling our skin tends to get a little weird. The temperature and environmental  changes can be really hard on our complexion and it comes with no surprise that we find ourselves with more pimples than usual or with our skin looking and feeling flaky or dryer. For that same reason is important that for a trip we don’t only bring with us the regular skincare products we use but also some powerful formulas to keep our skin on the healthy & calm side.

Trying to find new brands to add to my summer kit this year I found out about Klavuu, the first K-Beauty brand infusing their products with natural pearl extract, essential oils and marine plants in order to accomplish more enriched, hydrated and firm skin, all to get your skin to look radiant no matter the environment.

While they have a huge range of products you can choose from, there’s two in particular that caught my attention as they seemed to be a great way to improve my travel routine.

Pure Pearlsation PH & Balancing Quick Cleansing Pad

KLAVUU Cleansing Pad package - M Review 85

Ok, these are like nothing I’ve ever tried before. These exfoliating + cleansing pads are basically a simple way to wipe away impurities and even traces of makeup from your skin.

KLAVUU Cleansing Pad package - M Review 85KLAVUU Cleansing Pad soaked - M Review 85

Soaked in pearl extract to hydrate, brighten and tone for a non-greasy, clean feel and marine collagen and saccharomyces ferment filtrate to calm down and refresh our complexion, these are what travel dreams are made of. All these ingredients together end up in a formula that helps balance out our skin’s pH, which will at the end prevent it from stressing out and be able to protect itself.

KLAVUU Cleansing Pad makeup swatches - M Review 85KLAVUU Cleansing Pad before - M Review 85KLAVUU Cleansing Pad after - M Review 85

Something amazing about these pads is how much bigger they are in comparison to regular pads. They’re basically the-whole-palm-of-your-hand big! Now, while they’re very good to remove makeup, I’d still use a makeup remover before them in case you wanna have them be part of your routine at night time. I actually think of them more of like a morning time cleanser or even for the plane!

Personal Care Aurora Pearl Eye Mask - Brightening Revitalizing

KLAVUU Eye Mask cover - M Review 85

You’ve probably already heard about hydrogel eye patches. They’re actually a great alternative for trips, but what if I told you there’s something even better out there? This full-sized eye mask - AKA, it doesn’t only cover the skin under your eyes but also all that’s around it - is formulated to brighten up your skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Made with high-concentrated pearl essence extract, this is an amazing option to apply at the end of the day in order to give your eye-area the rest it deserves.

KLAVUU Eye Mask texture - M Review 85

Only thing you need to do is cleanse your skin before putting it on and then relax for 20-30 minutes while the goggle-like mask works its magic.

Are you taking a trip this summer? What are your summer skincare staples? Klavuu definitely made it to my permanent list.

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