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Enlist in the ARMY: Mediheal x BTS - M Review 85

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Enlist in the ARMY: Mediheal x BTS - M Review 84

If you haven’t already heard about this chart-topping K-POP group that hit the world stage, you must be living under a rock. BTS (방탄소년단), is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment that has taken the world by storm. Despite having moderate success from their debut, they have evolved into a global sensation within the years leading up to 2017. Receiving much love and attention from their huge fan-base of ARMYs all around the world, BTS has arguably been the first K-POP group to have such a huge impact and following in the U.S. and international market. From songs like, "Blood Sweat & Tears" to "MIC Drop", BTS has continuously made hit after hit, with some songs even featuring other renowned artists. The hype around BTS is real, and the boy band continues to be ambassadors for the Hallyu Movement by making K-POP known to people all around the world in recent years. 

Check out BTS's most recent comeback, "Boy with Luv (feat. Halsey)" 

With such chart-topping success and fame, BTS has collaborated with K-Beauty brand, Mediheal, in redesigning a collection of sheet masks for their fans. For you ARMYs out there, these mask box sets will include some of Mediheal’s best-selling masks with as well as collectible photo cards. These mask sets have been Mediheal’s way of bringing awareness of their ‘Our Healing Story’ to both BTS and K-Beauty enthusiasts alike. The Mediheal x BTS limited edition boxes all contain an assortment of two different mask sheets from Mediheal. All of these special sets contain 5 of their Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX that are recommended by Jungkook and J-Hope!

M Review 60 - Mediheal x BTS

Mediheal x BTS - Hydration Special Set 

The Hydration Special Set contains 5 of Mediheal’s cult fave, the N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX, and 5 of its Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX. Recommended by all the members of BTS, the N.M.F. Aquaring Mask provides ample amount of moisture to keep your skin hydrated and plumped. This mask also provides a smoother and refined appearance to the skin with its regenerating functions. The Teatree Care Solution Mask provides a soothing sensation to the skin that helps alleviate irritation and skin troubles as well as control sebum production. BTS members constantly have to adjust and condition their skin despite their hectic schedules and traveling. This is a perfect set for them since it covers both dry and oily skin concerns with different mask sheets. 

M Review - Mediheal X BTS Brightening

Mediheal x BTS - Brightening Special Set 

The Brightening set consists of Mediheal’s W.H.P White Hydrating Black Masks and Teatree Care Solution Masks. Recommended by Suga and V, the W.H.P White Hydrating Black Mask contains niacinamide, fruit and berry extracts , as well as black charcoal to reveal a deeply hydrated and brighter complexion that makes the skin look radiant and glowing. For hard-working idols, their skin may appear tired and dull from lack of sleep and long hours in the studio. These are the perfect pick-me-ups for them to look more revitalized and lively. 

M Review - Mediheal X BTS Hydration II

Mediheal x BTS - Hydration Special Set II 

The Hydration II set contains Mediheal’s D:NA Proatin Masks and Teatree Care Solution Masks. The D:NA Proatin Mask is a deep hydration mask that contains 19 amino acids, peptides, DNA, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide to nourish dehydrated skin. Being RM’s top pick, this mask adheres closely to the skin in order to provide the ultimate hydration. If you ever wondered how these idols achieve that supple and healthy look to their skin despite harsh conditions, look no further! 

M Review 60 - Mediheal x BTS Soothing

Mediheal x BTS - Soothing Special Set 

The limited edition Soothing set has 5 of Mediheal’s P.D.F AC-Dressing Ampoule Mask and 5 of their Teatree Care Solution masks as well. This is the perfect mask sheet set for those with sensitive skin that want to take care of their skin troubles and acne. The P.D.F AC-Dressing mask contains centella asiatica and salicylic acid to help calm and improve acne on the skin. As Jin and Jimin’s  top picks, the mask provides a soothing hydration that makes their skin feel fresh. As male idols, BTS members might struggle controlling accumulated acne from stress; these particular masks will keep their skin calm and clear from blemishes.  


BTS’ collaboration with Mediheal is one that marries two of Korea’s biggest exports: KPOP and K-Beauty. Now, if you’re a fan of either of them, I think it is the perfect time to get your hand on one of these limited edition sets. If you enjoyed this blog or have tried any of the masks mentioned above, comment down below on which mask in this collaboration is your favorite. Be part of the ARMY and feel free to comment on who your BTS bias member is!

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